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by MiniMe943
02 Aug 2020 19:11
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Topic: [REL] [1.38+] Ownable Cargo Market Rework for ATS [05.08.20]
Replies: 50
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Re: [WIP] Ownable Cargo Market Rework for ATS

So does this mod only affect the spawning of cargos that you haul with your owned trailers then?
by MiniMe943
25 May 2015 03:36
Forum: Others
Topic: 50k Wheels Pack [1.38 and up] [ 28.07.2020 ]
Replies: 910
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Re: 50k Wheels Pack v117 [ v1.17+ - 8.5.2015 ]

I'm having a crash using the beta, I'm about to update to, but I don't think the crashes are caused by the beta because there's little change from 1.17, but whenever I select rims, then wheels, it's an instant crash as soon as I select any modded tires. I have a few tuning mods ...
by MiniMe943
19 Feb 2015 06:00
Forum: Maps
Topic: [DISC][REL] 1:1 scale Northern Scandinavia v0.99.5(1.28)
Replies: 660
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Re: [REL] Northern Scandinavia map v0.97 for 1.15-1.16

A very ambitious and good looking map mod. I hope this becomes an addon map one day because let's face it:
Northern Scandinavia Map + Going East + Scandinavia DLC + TSM + Ru Map + Ro Map = Well, a lot of driving.

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