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by Narzew
13 Feb 2020 10:56
Forum: Maps
Topic: [WIP] Road to Asia map by TerraMaps
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Re: [WIP] Road to Asia map

I would suggest connecting this map to China, but not to the China map described above. One guy called Yikuan made a map of Taiwan and map of China (R.O.C). But that map was incorrectly placed and has conflict with EAA Brazil Map. What about talking with map author about changing the map position (s...
by Narzew
05 May 2019 12:36
Forum: Maps
Topic: HUNGARY_MAP v0.9.28a [1.37] (updated : 12.04.17) [ REL ]
Replies: 2714
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Re: HUNGARY_MAP v0.9.28a [1.27] (updated : 12.04.17) [ REL ]

Hi! Was the project discontinued? Will it be possible to play this map on 1.34? I'm quite sad that some people out there (especially Mario) have stolen and modified your map, but would you like to update it to newest version? I mean that you have made one of the best maps to ETS2 and I'm sure that m...
by Narzew
29 Apr 2019 00:46
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: EU Copyright Law 2018 - Modding of ETS2
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Re: EU Copyright Law 2018 - Modding of ETS2

I think that mod support for this game is essential. If not via Steam Workshop, just do it standard way (host .scs files independently). Without ProMods, PolandRebuilding, RusMap, EAA, Southern Region, Jazzycat Trailers and many other wonderful mods, I would probably quit playing this game. I just l...
by Narzew
16 Apr 2019 21:24
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] RusMap v2.3.1 [1.39.x] [upd: 28.11.20]
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Re: [REL] RusMap v1.8.1 [1.31.x] [upd: 12.08.18]

Well, I think that there's one ethical solution to this problem.
Mantaining RusMap updated to newest version by making fixes, and creating an independent extension to RusMap - I think this would be fully ethical and don't require RusMap license.
by Narzew
25 Mar 2019 00:25
Forum: Map assets
Topic: [REL] [ON HOLD] Etrusan 3D v1.8.3.39 (no requests)
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Re: [REL] Etrusan 3D v1.4.0.34 (no requests)

Hi! Could you add more street lights? I would like to use old 80s style Polish lamp assets. These lamps are still common in less developed rural areas of Poland. Like this: First asset (OURW):
by Narzew
09 Dec 2018 22:30
Forum: Maps
Topic: ROEXTENDED 2.6[1.39]
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Re: [REL] ROEXTENDED 2.0 [1.33.xx] - 07.12.18

Thank you for your great work! When I was playing an old version of YKS Turkey Map, I had some serious problems with going uphill in some places (too steep grades). Keep that in mind when trying to convert Turkey to playable & Promods-compatible format! :)
by Narzew
22 Jun 2017 20:55
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] CanaDream 2.7 (17/11/18)
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Re: [REL] CanaDream 2.2.1

Can you add again cities which was deleted after rescale ? I mean North-West territories and Alaska. I miss snowy roads
by Narzew
09 Jan 2017 18:47
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] CanaDream 2.7 (17/11/18)
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Re: [REL] Mexuscan renamed CanaDream 2.0

Thanks for update!
I hope road to Alaska will be back soon with real winter climate (not desert one like in previous version)
By the way, I want to play the game from Mexico to Canada! Greetings, have a nice day ;)
by Narzew
27 Sep 2016 23:04
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL][WIP] PJ Indo Map & Java Road Revolution (JRR) [January 2021]
Replies: 237
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Re: PJ Indo Map v1.8 (Update June 2016) [REL]

Place the map near South Korea map or far far away from base map. That's the safest position to place map sectors. EAA will grown north fast and occupy space even near Iceland (but should not overwrite Iceland sectors) South of EAA isn't safe place too because EAA Team are working on Uruguay right n...
by Narzew
20 Sep 2016 17:51
Forum: Help requests
Topic: Viva Mexico Map
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Re: Viva Mexico Map

Map is made by Hugo Cesar. You probably have to write to him in Spanish :)

Contact info: ... AUPkNZz64Q

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