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by Chuckys
09 Dec 2019 02:35
Forum: Traffic
Topic: ETS2 Real Traffic Density 1.38.a by Cip [update 21 July 2020]
Replies: 2284
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Re: ETS2 Real Traffic Density 1.36.c by Cip [update 24/11/2019]

I have an issue with this mod, when I try to use it my game freezes for like 15sec during gameplay, and almost constantly, but the game does not crash. Errors like "[fs] Failed to open file '/automat/07/07e3c4946139da68.mat' in the read_only mode." or "[fs] Failed to open file '/automat/f7/f7d8a4bb1...
by Chuckys
09 Mar 2019 05:54
Forum: Maps
Topic: Great Britain Map Project ( Work in progress )
Replies: 330
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Re: Great Britain Map Project ( Work in progress )

You are not quite correct ;) We are not allowed to do that you will need the PM files but most people have them anyway. This map would have never looked closely as good without them Wait is it really allowed? (Genuine question) Are you going to require users to go to the PM website and download PM ...
by Chuckys
24 Jan 2019 06:53
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] Paris Rebuild v2.6 (30 Aug 2020)
Replies: 200
Views: 75623

Re: [REL] Paris Rebuild v2.3 (02 June 2018)

You need to use the editor for that
by Chuckys
17 Jan 2019 17:17
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [REL] Volvo FH&FH16 2009 v1.6 [Schumi] [(1.37?)1.38]
Replies: 390
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Re: [REL] Volvo FH&FH16 2009 v1.0 [Schumi] [1.33]

Schumi . what are difference between fh13 and fh16 I wonder that; Is there only spoiler difference? whats meaning Fh13 name I found some pic from enternet here some pics: it says fh13 but ur fh13 has different headlights and other call fh13 of pic...
by Chuckys
12 Jan 2019 16:43
Forum: Feature Wishlists and Suggestions
Topic: Tandem/rigid chassis
Replies: 54
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Re: Tandem/rigid chassis

october 2012 + 8 years = january 2019 ?
by Chuckys
11 Jan 2019 05:21
Forum: Maps
Topic: Wow! A real "Truck Stop" in Europe Rebuilding!
Replies: 18
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Re: Wow! A real "Truck Stop" in Europe Rebuilding!

Most of Poland in Promods IS Poland Rebuilding (well the old version)
by Chuckys
31 Dec 2018 05:00
Forum: Others
Topic: Boeing73FLY's Enhanced Driving XPerience 2.0 (EU) [1.38, 2020 AUG 25] -- NEW ADDON: Balkan @ reply #187
Replies: 186
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Re: B73FLY's EDXP-EU [1.33] (15 Dec 2018) -- Fixed snow sounds. NOTE on Page 12!

Cip had the exact same error with his traffic mod, you could ask him ;) you are right, there were some unexpectedly drastic changes in some files inclusively in traffic files. update in maximum one hour! edit: With the new update today, the game crashes on this mod, probably due to the new Christmas...
by Chuckys
30 Dec 2018 17:02
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: ETS2 teasers - consult your doctor before entering
Replies: 7310
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Re: ETS2 teasers - consult your doctor before entering

By the way the second teaser seems to be indeed Sardinia, as MandelSoft mentioned it on PM forums: ... 2&start=90 (the end of the page)

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