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by BL00Dflame
22 Jul 2019 05:42
Forum: Trucks
Topic: Autocar AT/DC
Replies: 1730
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Re: Classic American trucks [WIP]

Ohhhh this looks incredible! Been loving your trucks on ETS2 - can't wait to see what you do with ATS!
by BL00Dflame
11 Jul 2019 07:01
Forum: Trailers
Topic: Mini cargo pack for BDFs v1.1
Replies: 75
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Re: Mini cargo pack for BDFs v1.1

It's worked fine with every rigid I've tried so far, except the single rear axle rigid chassis on the DAF 95 by XBS. Seems like the weight is shifted too much towards the back. I haven't tried the other chassis yet.

by BL00Dflame
11 Jul 2019 06:43
Forum: Trucks
Topic: Rigid / Box Trucks
Replies: 4
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Re: Rigid / Box Trucks

I use that mod too, and I love it. But just be wary, it might not work well with some rigids. This is what happens when I tried using it with the DAF 95 by XBS :lol: I haven't tested this with other rigid chassis on that truck though, so YMMV. It seems to work perfectly with any of kast's rigids (RJ...
by BL00Dflame
10 Jul 2019 02:19
Forum: Trailers
Topic: Trailer Kässbohrer for Volvo F88 by XBS
Replies: 134
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Re: Trailer Kässbohrer for Volvo F88 by XBS

I honestly don't even care if it's tuneable, although that would be a bonus. Just having this trailer updated and ownable is good enough for me! :D
by BL00Dflame
28 Jun 2019 04:29
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Show your truck! [ETS2]
Replies: 17143
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Re: Show your truck! [ETS2]

by BL00Dflame
28 Jun 2019 04:07
Forum: Trailers
Topic: Knapen K100 by Kast (10.11.20)
Replies: 255
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Re: Knapen K100 by Kast (07.06.19)

Oh, that's quite interesting! Here's a translation from Google for those too lazy to do it themselves ;) Krone takes over Knapen The Dutch trailer builder Knapen will be in German hands. Krone Commercial Vehicle Group has acquired 100% of the shares of the Knapen Group, together with all subsidiarie...
by BL00Dflame
26 Jun 2019 15:28
Forum: Trucks
Topic: DAF 95 ATi by XBS
Replies: 1566
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Re: DAF 95 ATi by XBS

Thanks for the update XBS! Your trucks are among my favourites! :D
by BL00Dflame
25 Jun 2019 14:25
Forum: Truck accessories
Topic: ReMoled Next Gen V1.8.4 - LIVE
Replies: 673
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Re: ReMoled Next Gen V1.8 - LIVE

Both of you guys are doing wonderful work, so thank you very very much!!

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