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by The Angel of my life
10 Jan 2021 22:22
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [1.39] Roman Diesel by MADster Unofficial Update V.1.2.1
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Re: [1.39] Roman Diesel by MADster Unofficial Update V.1.2.1

@PikPikker Hello i have some pics of man f8 front grill, i hope they can help ;)
by The Angel of my life
23 Jul 2020 20:01
Forum: Trucks
Topic: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.39 fix)
Replies: 2691
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Re: MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.34 fix)

Hello I have some problems with Mondos fix. When I turn off engine, I still can hear it working even if it is turned off. What it could be, same happens when I use his fixes for other MaDsters trucks. I think sound is not propperly converted to fmod in his fixesand alsomy game version is
by The Angel of my life
17 Jul 2020 21:01
Forum: Sound
Topic: Mercedes Actros OM471 - 473 engine sound 2.1 release 2021/01/03
Replies: 171
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Re: Mercedes Actros OM471 engine sound 2.0 release 2020/07/02

Thx Kriechbaum for update but is there a way i can convert this sound to 1.37 ?
by The Angel of my life
18 May 2020 10:05
Forum: Trailers
Topic: Närko trailers by Kast (04.11.20)
Replies: 105
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Re: Närko trailers by Kast

Thank you Kast :D
by The Angel of my life
15 May 2020 13:39
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Screens By Kast
Replies: 3375
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Re: Screens By Kast

Great :) but how is the progress with narko trailers and i must ask you is there any hope for bussbygg stuff :D
by The Angel of my life
15 Nov 2019 15:40
Forum: Truck accessories
Topic: abasstreppas Hella Lamp Pack 2.0.1 [Updated Nov 16 2019]
Replies: 701
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Re: abasstreppas Hella Auxiliary light pack [Update in progress]

Wow :o it looks so dope, cant wait for update. Thx Abass :D
by The Angel of my life
18 Aug 2019 21:06
Forum: Trucks
Topic: RJL Scania R & Streamline v2.3.0 [1.39] [6.11.2020]
Replies: 6010
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Re: RJL Scania R & Streamline V2.2.4 [1.35] [8.6.2019]

Hello I have a problem with rjl scania r & streamline modifications latest version. When I choose 5s low bumpers, no matter if it is painted or plastic i am getting some weird black texture on the ground. All the ground is black around the truck,it only happens when I choose low v8 5s bumper, other ...
by The Angel of my life
19 Apr 2019 17:05
Forum: Game
Topic: Show your truck! [ATS]
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Re: Show your truck!

Kuna_01 jel to Emkurin kamion ;)

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