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by ShadowStag
25 May 2020 19:30
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Topic: [Closed] Scania S dashboard computer 1.5 [1.37]
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Re: [REL] Scania S dashboard computer 1.4 [1.37]

Great look on the dash, just a small question. I must be doing something wrong as when its raining the wipers wont clear the windscreen. If I deactivate, everything works. Where am I going wrong please?
by ShadowStag
23 Apr 2019 23:33
Forum: Gameplay Questions
Topic: Truck Speed Limiter Customization
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Re: Truck Speed Limiter Customization

Does this still work please Gents?

What I did:

large_garages[]: prefab.281
truck_speed_limit: 98

used_truck_odometer_min: 500000

My question is: Is what I have done in the correct format please?

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