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by B787
28 Feb 2021 20:16
Forum: Off topic and other voices
Topic: Trainsim corner
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Trainsim corner

Not quite sure if such a topic already exists... if not I think it would be a nice addition. :) Next to planes and trucks I've also got a passion for trains. This passion sadly didn't got a lot of attention in the past... no satisfying games nor time and space for a model railway at home. ( Honestly...
by B787
24 Feb 2021 20:25
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Working Stuff by MisterOlla
Replies: 460
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Re: Working Stuff by MisterOlla

Awesome pics big Boss! ;)
by B787
24 Feb 2021 19:28
Forum: Trucks
Topic: W.I.P Mercedes Benz Atego
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Re: W.I.P Mercedes Benz Atego

Nice work!
by B787
23 Feb 2021 21:22
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: xXCARL1992Xx Screens & Blender work
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Re: xXCARL1992Xx Screens & Blender work

Maybe useless, but at the end of the day a great Detail! :D
by B787
22 Feb 2021 05:11
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Screens By Kast
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Re: Screens By Kast

Awesome. :shock:
by B787
21 Feb 2021 21:27
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: CoolUserName On Tour Europe
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Re: CoolUserName On Tour Europe

Does this even accelerate...? :? :lol:
by B787
21 Feb 2021 19:30
Forum: Trucks
Topic: Mercedes Actros MP4 Reworked v2.5 [Schumi] [1.39]
Replies: 553
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Re: Mercedes Actros MP4 Reworked v2.5 [Schumi] [1.39]

@rinat Let me give you a small hint: Try it on your own and see what happens.
by B787
21 Feb 2021 19:17
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Show your truck! [ETS2]
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Re: Show your truck! [ETS2]

@Jovis Nice setup!
by B787
20 Feb 2021 22:05
Forum: Game
Topic: CoolUserName on Tour North America
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Re: CoolUserName on Tour North America

That truck looks awesome! :shock:
by B787
20 Feb 2021 20:41
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: JUseeTV's screenshots
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Re: JUseeTV's screenshots

Awesome details. Especially the air horns! :mrgreen:

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