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by BjornGroen
17 Oct 2020 13:08
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [REL] Next Generation Scania P G R S [v.2.2 - 26.07.2020]
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Re: [REL] Next Generation Scania P G R S [v.2.2 - 26.07.2020]

Then start learning it. But don't waste other people's time by requesting something that was already said it won't come (soon). Doing something yourself can be fun too.
by BjornGroen
30 Sep 2020 20:26
Forum: Game
Topic: Show your Western Star
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Re: Show your Western Star



by BjornGroen
20 Sep 2020 12:16
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Csabee's screenshots
Replies: 1944
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Re: Csabee's screenshots

Oh boy... That truck is HUGE :D
by BjornGroen
04 Sep 2020 20:04
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: CoolUserName On Tour Europe
Replies: 920
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Re: CoolUserName On Tour Europe

That's an interesting badge you got there :shock:
by BjornGroen
02 Sep 2020 20:35
Forum: Trailers
Topic: Schmitz S.KO Reconstructed v1.0 (09.06.2019)
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Re: Schmitz S.KO Reconstructed v1.0 (09.06.2019)

Yes, because they aren´t included in the specific skin you are using. If you are using a skin where the plates are included, you will see a plate.
by BjornGroen
30 Aug 2020 13:38
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [1.38]Mercedes-Benz Actros MP2 Black Edition by Dotec
Replies: 241
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Re: [1.38]Mercedes-Benz Actros MP2 Black Edition by Dotec

I don't think the grille looks bad in chrome. I'm not a massive fan of chrome parts, but on this truck it is default option. This is a special edition so the grille is too. In my honest opinion, chrome looks quite cool because of the black color around it. I've seen images of the MP2 Black Edition w...
by BjornGroen
29 Aug 2020 21:27
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: niepa's not so random screenshots
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Re: niepa's not so random screenshots

Great looking shots :)
by BjornGroen
29 Aug 2020 07:21
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: KH Containers across Europe
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Re: KH Containers across Europe

Cool ones :) I like how clean the combo looks ;)
by BjornGroen
26 Aug 2020 15:57
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Show Your MAN!
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Re: Show Your MAN!


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