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by J_Kasumi
10 Jun 2019 18:11
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: My Story
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Re: My Story

First, let me say welcome to the SCS Forums and to the home where virtual truckers and real truckers can discuss their love of all things SCS and share little tidbits about themselves. Your story has brought me to tears. It's such a beautiful story of how far you've come. I hope you will find your t...
by J_Kasumi
09 May 2019 18:32
Forum: Others
Topic: Real Advertisements v1.7 [Update 22.07.2020]
Replies: 33
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Re: Real Advertisements

This mod is stellar. Absolutely love it.
by J_Kasumi
02 May 2019 17:55
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: 1.35 Discussion Thread ( ATS )
Replies: 425
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Re: 1.35 Discussion Thread

I started the 1.35 Experimental Beta last night. That patch has me blown away. :) Especially the trailers such as the boat trailer. When I saw that, I nearly lost it with happiness. So many new trailers and time to haul them all. :) Especially the boat! I've wanted to haul a boat in ATS for a while ...
by J_Kasumi
21 Apr 2019 13:22
Forum: Others
Topic: Real Company Logo 3D
Replies: 570
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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo 3D V1.4

I find it disgusting that impatient people steal mods and try to pass it off as their own. It's one thing to share it if you took over, and got permission from the original creator to do so. But, this is theft.
by J_Kasumi
04 Apr 2019 19:13
Forum: American Truck Simulator
Topic: [REWORK] AZ, CA, and NV public research and rework suggestions.
Replies: 212
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Re: AZ, CA, and NV public research and rework suggestions.

One minor rework I'd propose is where the 10 meets 111. In reality, Route 111 doesn't meet I-10 at the current configuration. In reality, 111 South splits off of Interstate 10 East, before heading southeast towards Palm Springs and El Centro. Route 111 North merges into Interstate 10 West. There's n...
by J_Kasumi
03 Apr 2019 18:16
Forum: Gameplay Questions
Topic: Roadblocks?
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Re: Roadblocks?

The point of the detour is to keep you on your toes. On my profile where I drive like a mad man, I have discovered, you can still pass them, if you know what you're doing. But, they are there to offer you an alternate route. SCS didn't make them outlandish to the point that you'd be late. You can st...
by J_Kasumi
03 Apr 2019 18:01
Forum: American Truck Simulator
Topic: Idaho pre-research tips
Replies: 73
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Re: Idaho pre-research tips

Okay, so when Boise is planned, logically Interstate 184 plus US 20 and US 26 should be considered. I say this, because heading toward Downtown Boise, the "child" I-184 begins at "parent" I-84 and US 30, at the Flying Wye interchange in Southwest Boise. The 184 ends at US 20 and US 26, in Garden Cit...
by J_Kasumi
02 Apr 2019 18:59
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: Astoria Bridge
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Re: Astoria Bridge

Yes, when Washington comes out, the Astoria-Megler Bridge will play a role, most likely. The bridge does carry the 101 from Astoria to Point Ellice, near Megler, Washington. I don't think SCS wouldn't use it, since that bridge is a vital link on the US 101 between those two points.
by J_Kasumi
02 Apr 2019 18:55
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: ATS : What is The Name of The Company You Own?
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Re: ATS : What is The Name of The Company You Own?

My company is Pacific Logistics. The story behind it as follows. Pacific Logistics began life in 1981 as a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Transportation Company (Southern Pacific Railroad). They connect to cities where the rails don't reach. From 1981 to 1994, they operated as a wholly owned sub...
by J_Kasumi
10 Dec 2018 17:37
Forum: Feature Wishlist and Suggestions
Topic: Functional CB radios.
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Re: Functional CB radios.

Personally, I wouldn't mind an in-game CB radio. It would be nice to hear conditions ahead, so you can plan ahead and prepare accordingly.

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