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by Reinhard
22 Sep 2020 08:08
Forum: Gameplay Questions
Topic: 1.38 to 1.35
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Re: 1.38 to 1.35

When do you receive that error message?

When starting the downgraded game? When loading an existing profile? While or after creating a new profile?

You should post a game log.

You will probably not be able to use any profile touched by 1.38. As far as I know, saves aren't backward compatible.
by Reinhard
21 Sep 2020 08:06
Forum: Bugs 1.38
Topic: "curve" model doesn't show LOD
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"curve" model doesn't show LOD

Curve model "/model2/vegetation/hedges/ivy/ivy_hanged.pmd" doesn't show its lod. It is configured to show it at a distance of 250 meters: curve_model : curve.blke38 { name: "ivy hanged curve1" model_desc: "/model2/vegetation/hedges/ivy/ivy_hanged.pmd" variation[]: "basic | Default1,Default2,Default3...
by Reinhard
16 Sep 2020 11:02
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: Why is ATS/ETS2 so badly optimized.
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Re: Why is ATS/ETS2 so badly optimized.

dervu wrote:
16 Sep 2020 09:00
This way of setting up antialiasing works:
This is for Nvidia only. He got an AMD card.
by Reinhard
15 Sep 2020 08:31
Forum: Frequently Asked Questions
Topic: Map migration between versions
Replies: 6
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Re: Map migration between versions

Old PMG file formats are in danger to be supported for a limited time only. Some game versions later, these may possibly fail to load. But you can always use the parameter "-conversion_dump_path". Apply that, plus a directory path for the converted models. This will create all kind of models, includ...
by Reinhard
12 Sep 2020 09:06
Forum: Feature Wishlists and Suggestions
Topic: Autosave Deactivation!
Replies: 7
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Re: Autosave Deactivation!

I think the same. When I had stutters, long ago, I activated

Code: Select all

g_save_indicator "1"
to check if it was really related to the saves. Turned out it was wasn't.

On the others side, I never spoiled my save with fat driver/garage/economics junk... Same profile since 2013, lean and clean.
by Reinhard
11 Sep 2020 09:12
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: Map in Blender?
Replies: 9
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Re: Map in Blender?

Interesting concept for building a 1:1 map of a real city. But this is not what the game is after, now. Perhaps ETS 3? Or 4, 5, 6? :lol: Putting that issue aside: Another question is what the output of such a job is. Is it possible to apply draw distances per building? If not, the idea is dead in th...
by Reinhard
10 Sep 2020 13:23
Forum: Help center - player to player
Topic: Interior camera "go to bed"
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Re: Interior camera "go to bed"

You will find these files in the interior camera mod which isn't 1.38 compatible, anymore. You asked "Do somebody idea what this might be causing." What I explained was the answer to that. I don't know any such mod, not for 1.38, and not before that. I just made interior camera changes for my own. B...
by Reinhard
09 Sep 2020 20:14
Forum: Help center - player to player
Topic: Interior camera "go to bed"
Replies: 4
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Re: Interior camera "go to bed"

Only thing that changes to the cameras in 1.38, is that files which got fetched by an "@include", now got the extension ".sui" instead of ".sii". Rename the extension of the files in "/def/camera/units", and you should be done. This change to ".sui" happens to quite a lot of files, not just the came...
by Reinhard
09 Sep 2020 15:27
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Game Crashing (When Trying to Drive)
Replies: 7
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Re: Game Crashing (When Trying to Drive)

Can this be done in another way, without being on Steam? This make sense only when you are using a Steam-game. It is a function to recover from incomplete Steam game downloads/installations. However, the message seems to complain about a corrupted "base.scs", whatever the reason is. Such can of cou...
by Reinhard
08 Sep 2020 07:16
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Steam lost the ATS / ETS2 install
Replies: 5
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Re: Steam lost the ATS / ETS2 install

Could it be that the drive holding the mods was temporarily absent? I once had a faulty cable that let Windows not find my second SSD, every few weeks. Took me while to realize what was the reason.

I guess such an event, happening while the Steam client is starting, would lead to such a situation.

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