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by GTDominic
20 Oct 2020 15:38
Forum: Bugs 1.39
Topic: trailer configuration [NOT A BUG]
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Re: trailer configuration

It isn't really a bug because it was like this forever.

However it now becomes really annoying because we are always changing trailer configurations.

Should be a feature request that if we are changing trailer configurations nothing is reset.
by GTDominic
03 May 2019 17:09
Forum: Bugs 1.35
Topic: Scania Speedometer [83379]
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Scania Speedometer [83379]

Hello, While driving my Scania R (R 2009 or Highline) I discovered that my Speedometer is around 20 km/h to low. The engine rpm seems also seems quite a bit low with only around 5rpm at idle. 20190503183814_1.jpg Version: (64bit) Reproducable: Always (I even asked a friend to reproduce it...

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