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by onderCZK
23 Jan 2021 21:20
Forum: WORLD OF TRUCKS website
Topic: Promote your WOT account
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Re: Promote your WOT account

Hello everyone and feel free to visit my WoT profile :)

Thanks for visit (and any response)
by onderCZK
10 Sep 2020 14:22
Forum: SCS Site
Topic: [ARCHIVED] SCS General Discussion Thread
Replies: 53617
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

Some newbie driver wrote:
10 Sep 2020 14:19
@festmache we know SCS can make impossibles... but for miracles they need a bit more time. :lol:
Usually it`s three days for miracles... :D
by onderCZK
18 Oct 2019 09:35
Forum: Feature Wishlists and Suggestions
Topic: Different view of GPS
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Different view of GPS

Hello, I have relatively interesting idea of updating the GPS displays in the trucks. I always drive with truck GPS on the closest view and the GPS from the route advisor is used for the second closest view. So I thought it might be interesting to add the option to have different shown distance of v...
by onderCZK
17 Oct 2019 07:19
Forum: Bugs 1.36
Topic: Leaving of Porto-Vecchio [101116]
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Leaving of Porto-Vecchio [101116]


in front of exit gate from the Porto-Vecchio port (inside the port area) remains the road undisscovered (grey) altough I drove through :).

Win7, 64bit,
No mods activated

by onderCZK
21 Aug 2019 17:22
Forum: Bugs 1.35
Topic: Failure on new special transport route [85942]
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Re: Failure on new special transport route [85942]

:) Thanks, lower speed helped - 40 km/h instead of 60
by onderCZK
21 Aug 2019 10:43
Forum: Bugs 1.35
Topic: Failure on new special transport route [85942]
Replies: 2
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Failure on new special transport route [85942]

Hi, i have a problem on new Special Transport route from Pori to Helsinki. It always says "you drove away from the escort vehicle" altough i have both cars in sight - one in front of me and the second one behind me. I use Czech version so it`s "free" translate of the fail sentense. It happens in one...

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