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by caracal
26 Jun 2020 20:18
Forum: Feature Wishlists and Suggestions
Topic: 1.38 Color picker
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1.38 Color picker

I think that for editing parameters in RGB and HSV modes would be convenient to use keyboard up/down arrows or vertical mouse movements with the left button pressed, not only manual writing of parameters.
by caracal
25 Jun 2020 17:07
Forum: Trailers
Topic: MB AeroDynamic Trailer by AM [WORKSHOP]
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Re: [REL] MB AeroDynamic Trailer by AM [v1.1]

Great work, subscribed on Workshop.
Do you have plans to add another cargo or chain types for your trailers?
by caracal
29 Apr 2020 11:11
Forum: Russian
Topic: Inline typos
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Inline typos

When you arrive at the toll gate with barrier and without a mandatory stop for taking a card, Route Advisor shows a message: typo_1.png Should be "В ы приближаетесь к началу участка платной дороги. Плата за проезд по нему взимается в конце участка." Trailer parking window: typo_2.png Underlined text...
by caracal
11 Apr 2020 17:10
Forum: Bugs 1.37
Topic: Signs in the garage [114469]
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Signs in the garage [114469]

ISO 7010 w012 "high voltage" sign and plates with text are flipped horizontally on the doors and on some electrical shields. Office side doors: 20200411185448_1.jpg The door at another side has flipped plates too. Also, is it correct to place both "exit" plate and "high voltage" plate at the same w...

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