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by mrmattx3
14 Feb 2021 20:42
Forum: Bugs 1.40 (Open Beta)
Topic: Fell through Map on Hwy 202... [148193]
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Fell through Map on Hwy 202... [148193]

Greetings, Found what seems like a map issue at the intersection of highway 202 and interstate 80. Copy of bugs.txt (this is near the hole, but not right on it). Feel free to let me know if you have questions. Note this in on the highway as you're crossing the interstate. Thanks! The new update is a...
by mrmattx3
24 Nov 2020 15:51
Forum: Sound
Topic: Engine sound mega pack 3.5 date 2021/02/13
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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.3 date 2020/11/08

Kriechbaum kindly gave me a copy of the X15 to try out. I set the Truck Exhaust slider to 75% and the turbo slider to about 40% (all other truck noises at 50% as suggested) and dropped it in my KW hauling machine parts from Vegas to Steamboat Springs, CO in a 53ft trailer. When I was given the engi...
by mrmattx3
01 Oct 2020 22:38
Forum: Maps
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Greetings all, This is probably a silly question, but does anyone else have issues with the GPS calculating the route as something silly? In my case, I have 900 miles left in a 2700 mile run, and it says like 60 hours to go. If I put a pin in the map, it gets even worse saying 0 yards to the nav poi...

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