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by Don_Lisper
12 Sep 2020 12:34
Forum: Help center - player to player
Topic: Stilgars Mod Combo
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Re: Stilgars Mod Combo

Hi Stil

I use Cip's density, but i think it produce me some lag, but not sure if it’s that the cause (i use all the recommended launch options)
Do you use any traffic density mod?
If you dont, what's the g_traffic setting do you use?
by Don_Lisper
03 Sep 2020 16:31
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: Hi-End Configuration Optimization
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Re: Hi-End Configuration Optimization

That's true, thanks for the heads up. I look into it. If I read a couple of posts up the page, I just have to add the -homedir "full_path" in the launch options box thru the properties in Steam. Cheers ! Luc I think i have the same issue: I have an SSD with enough space, so i changed the ETS2 steam...
by Don_Lisper
30 Aug 2020 19:08
Forum: Modding Guides
Topic: Proper load order for Maps
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Re: Proper load order for Maps

Question: In ETS2, the load order is (from the bottom to top)

Map Mods
AI mods
Tunning Parts

In ATS you put at the bottom line truck, trailers AI mods and then map mods?

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