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by Alexboss1979
28 Sep 2020 22:32
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: do we still need promods
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Re: do we still need promods

I'll never use PM just because I'd read anywhere that cause crash and lacks of compatibility with world of trucks contracts ,events and achievements.
Correct me if is not true. WoT is the core of this game,giving an official recognize to all the hours spent on this wonderful game.
by Alexboss1979
26 Sep 2020 16:45
Forum: WORLD OF TRUCKS website
Topic: Promote your WOT account
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Re: Promote your WOT account

Cheers to everyone..I'm a real driver,actually at home cause an injury.
I usually drive Italy,France,England,Benelux and sometimes Germany.
The best,imao,SCS did in France,seems to be there,really.
by Alexboss1979
25 Sep 2020 12:23
Forum: WORLD OF TRUCKS website
Topic: Events
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I'm playing with all dlc on both games ets/ats ,enjoying them so so much,accomplished 56% WoT achievements..
No one knows when the next event will be?? No event from Idaho & Genova bridge.
Cheers from Italy and sorry for my english. :P

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