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by Kool
23 Sep 2020 10:12
Forum: Off topic and other voices
Topic: Alaskan Truck Simulator
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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

The idea is really cool, the ability to leave the truck, and the 'dangerous' drives seem really cool. But the execution seems.. Poor, the quality seems rather low, the unlicensed trucks and graphics make it look like a game that should have released on console a generation ago.
by Kool
09 Sep 2020 19:13
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: Double Clutching - Do You Practice It?
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Re: Double Clutching - Do You Practice It?

Hello everyone,, Double clutching is a downshifting technique that promotes smoother transitions and lower transmission wear. It is useful for road racing, prolonging transmission life, and giving you an overall smoother ride. In normal driving, with modern cars- you don't need to double clutch... e...

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