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by dxtr66
14 Jan 2021 23:19
Forum: Maps
Topic: [WIP][REL] France Switzerland Germany Map 1:1
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Re: [WIP][REL] France Switzerland Germany Map 1:1

Are you using our addon ? If yes, that's totaly normal Is there a list whats part of the addon? I used it and was also wondering about the money :D. Maybe a bit OT but, how do you guys start on a new map where you need a new profile? Just cheating or do you really start again from lvl 0 with no mon...
by dxtr66
05 Jan 2021 15:04
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [v.1.1.1] 1.38
Replies: 1284
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Re: [REL] RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 [v.1.1.1] 1.38

First, sorry i am a total noob regarding ETS2 :D . I played it a few hours but to be honest, the 'stock' maps regarding austria/germany are not very realistic (for my taste)....that somehow killed the fun of playing the game. Buuut, lately I saw a youtube lets play where one presented this map...and...

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