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by BooRoK
28 Feb 2021 00:23
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Show your Classic Trucks
Replies: 315
Views: 15373

Re: Show your Classic Trucks

@Soundwave2142 wow that's amazing news , it is really 95XF am i right, not XF95?
ppl usually confuse these two :D

i wish a success in your project.
by BooRoK
21 Feb 2021 15:50
Forum: Truck accessories
Topic: INTERIOR ADDON by Wolli [1.39x/1.40x] [Update 21.02.]
Replies: 130
Views: 35976

Re: Wolli´s INTERIOR ADDON [1.39x/1.40x] [Update 21.02.]

This is getting more amazing Wolli2017 Thanks for sharing your hard work :o Although I don't know whether you're going to update the mod in the future, so if that's the case can you consider adding iPod Classic to your accessory mod like the one in the picture? Thank you :)
by BooRoK
18 Feb 2021 22:54
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Show your truck! [ETS2]
Replies: 17159
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Re: Show your truck! [ETS2]

by BooRoK
14 Feb 2021 23:58
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: On Tour with ActrosMP3
Replies: 951
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Re: On Tour with ActrosMP3

Wonderful shots & story as usual ActrosMP3 :roll: as for your truck problem , i can help with my two Scania R500 V8s.Both are 6x2 tagsteer configuration which will truly help you in tight corners , I was going to lease them out as we had to replace these two with longer wheelbase 6x4 Globetrotter XX...
by BooRoK
10 Feb 2021 14:57
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [WIP] Volvo FH12 1994
Replies: 160
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Re: [WIP] Volvo FH12 1994

Top work man!
I can't wait to see the upcoming updates :o
by BooRoK
05 Feb 2021 19:03
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: Turkey to all over Europe what way do trucks go.
Replies: 5
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Re: Turkey to all over Europe what way do trucks go.

Lukemfc Most of the Turkish haulage companies make multi-drops in several countries/cities so most of them use Kapikule or Ipsala border control point to get to Bulgaria and Greece respectively. However some companies are using RoRo services mainly located around Izmir region.Those ferries are most...
by BooRoK
05 Feb 2021 00:50
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [1.39] Volvo FH&FH16 2012 Reworked by Eugene Unofficial Update v3.1.5.1
Replies: 120
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Re: [1.39] Volvo FH&FH16 2012 Reworked by Eugene Unofficial Update v3.1.5.1

Hi @Mondo.N

Is it possible for you to add painted part variant for a stock rear bumper?
Thank you.

by BooRoK
25 Jan 2021 15:50
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: World of trucks not working ?
Replies: 9
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Re: World of trucks not working ?

You see this because you're most likely using map mods like Promods. WOTR deliveries does not support any map mods , so you get this syncing error. Although i do admit this message popping up is a bit confusing maybe scs would add a unique message for the ones who try to do wotr contracts with map m...

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