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by n4gix
07 Sep 2015 23:37
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] ProMods v2.51
Replies: 5085
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Re: [REL] ProMods v1.97 RELEASED

No, I can't say I have. Surely I'd have noticed such a big thing... ;)
by n4gix
07 Sep 2015 23:35
Forum: Bugs 1.20
Topic: Error in model? [NOT A BUG]
Replies: 4
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Re: Error in model? [NOT A BUG]

You've wrecked your truck and are surprised that it's bent a bit? :lol:
by n4gix
03 Sep 2015 19:52
Forum: Help center - player to player
Topic: Mod Manager Help
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Re: Mod Manager Help

In general this is the priority order I suggest for optimum results in the Active Mods listing: Accessories/Other mods Trailer mods Truck mods Map mods With regards to the fourth category of "Map mods", the main map mod should be loaded first, therefore its files need to be at the very bottom. Remem...
by n4gix
29 Aug 2015 15:37
Forum: Bugs 1.20
Topic: Road signs not standing straight in Poland
Replies: 6
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Re: Road signs not standing straight in Poland

You do realize that many such signs 'lean' in Real Life(TM) also, right?
by n4gix
26 Aug 2015 22:25
Forum: Off topic and other voices
Topic: Street View surprise!
Replies: 33
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Re: Street View surprise!

Indeed it is! This is the return address on the envelope they used to send me a thank you present. :mrgreen:
by n4gix
23 Aug 2015 21:30
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Game crashes while trying to load the map
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Re: Game crashes while trying to load the map

These two files are apparently unable to be found: custom_colors.sii defaults.ini 00:04:22.103 : <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file "/home/editor/custom_colors.sii" in the read_only mode 00:04:22.103 : <ERROR> load_unit_tree() - Failed to open file (/home/editor/custom_colors.sii) 00:04:22.103 : <ERRO...
by n4gix
23 Aug 2015 21:13
Forum: Help requests
Topic: PARKING: Always parking brake on.
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Re: PARKING: Always parking brake on.

If in game map would not be flat in majority of places then maybe player would have to use parking brake but I noticed that it is not important in this game at all. Actually, there are some garages where parking brake is a must. Many times whenever my truck is "auto-returned" to my home garage, if ...
by n4gix
21 Aug 2015 21:28
Forum: SCS Site
Topic: [ARCHIVED] SCS General Discussion Thread
Replies: 53620
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Re: SCS Blog discussion

Just what we need. Yet another micro-update the major effect for which will be the potential for breaking all map mods. Again.
by n4gix
20 Aug 2015 17:32
Forum: Help requests
Topic: Issues with mods
Replies: 34
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Re: Issues with mods

I like Dropbox myself because it allows hotlinking (direct download links, no need to see a download page), it's free and the speeds are acceptable. I echo your preference for Dropbox. I have been using it for years to share my company's products with our development team. I do however have a paid ...
by n4gix
20 Aug 2015 17:27
Forum: Feature Wishlists and Suggestions
Topic: Mod manager: Multi File Mods
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Re: Mod manager: Multi File Mods

I would like to see all multi-part mods with images similar to that created by Radol for Poland Rebuilding, with each image having a number corresponding to the correct priority load order.

That should help solve some of the potential confusion... 8-)

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