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by joe_alker
19 Apr 2017 19:55
Forum: Others
Topic: [REL] Automat Compatibility Package v1.0.1
Replies: 4
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Re: [REL] Automat Compatibility Package v1.0.1

Basically it stops mods that use default textures showing texture not found when the game is updated.
by joe_alker
17 Apr 2017 15:37
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Show your J-spec truck ...
Replies: 288
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Re: Show your J-spec truck ...

by joe_alker
11 Dec 2016 13:52
Forum: Bugs 1.26
Topic: Scania and Volvo Truck Lover achievments
Replies: 2
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Re: Scania and Volvo Truck Lover achievments


Can you please read the Bug Reporting Rules before posting any bugs please.

Thank you.
by joe_alker
11 Dec 2016 13:49
Forum: Help requests
Topic: Change icon
Replies: 9
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Re: Change icon

Can we please keep it civil and on topic please.
by joe_alker
21 Nov 2016 22:33
Forum: Traffic
Topic: Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.5(upd. 15.11.2016)
Replies: 106
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Re: Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.5(upd. 15.11.2016)

I guess it wouldn't be too prudent to ask where you have source the repaints from? Fair enough if you have each and every authors permission, but I doubt you do. It's something I've never thought of, but it occurred to me - why would there be such obscure companies such as Centrebus, SYT Coachline &...
by joe_alker
07 Sep 2016 08:08
Forum: Trucks
Topic: |W.I.P| BMC Profesyonel 827
Replies: 27
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Re: |W.I.P| BMC Profesyonel 827

You have my attention 8-) For sure, it is nice to see something outside of the big seven truck manufacturers for a change. I also recognised the cab from somewhere: Also yes paid mods are allowed: [4.6] In regards to...
by joe_alker
20 Jul 2016 11:08
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: This game seems dangerous to GPU !!!
Replies: 16
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Re: This game seems dangerous to GPU !!!

Until the driver actually crashes due to the card overheating, there's not an issue.

This game isnt particularly well optimised anyway, it still uses DX9 technology
by joe_alker
20 Jul 2016 10:38
Forum: Trucks
Topic: MAN TGA v1.4 (v1.27)
Replies: 382
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Re: MAN TGA v1.2

Oooh so there's UK interiors now :P Thought I'd drop this by, I found some photos on the interwebs
by joe_alker
17 Jul 2016 14:45
Forum: Map assets
Topic: ETS2 prefabs
Replies: 1023
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Re: ETS2 prefabs

Been away for a while, just wondering about the amount of UK prefabs? Is there UK equivalents to all the EU prefabs at the moment or are we still missing stuff? Judging off your recent posts, there is some narrow roads coming for UK? Which is what I need? Also is there single lane roundabouts with p...
by joe_alker
15 Jul 2016 18:27
Forum: SCS Site
Topic: SCS Blog discussion
Replies: 12720
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Re: SCS Blog discussion

Not necessarily, depends how far the cool stuff is from release :lol:

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