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by jarvik79
05 Nov 2019 15:32
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: ATS game slows down
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Re: ATS game slows down

You do have the option of going back to an earlier version which was designed for your 8-year-old hardware (yes, your CPU was released in Aug 2011, and your GPU is even older). You also have the option of never updating the game, keeping the game version in line with expected hardware requirements. ...
by jarvik79
12 Aug 2019 12:58
Forum: Others
Topic: [Closed] Scania S dashboard computer 1.5 [1.37]
Replies: 454
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Re: [REL] Scania S dashboard computer 1.3 [1.35]

pero wrote:
12 Aug 2019 09:31`s still packed incorrectly into the SCS file, someone described how to repack it properly a few pages back....
by jarvik79
06 Aug 2019 09:07
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Regenerates navigation cache every load, please help
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Re: Regenerates navigation cache every load, please help

Prime culprit is your map mods. 00:01:43.575 : Linking cities with countries .... 00:05:43.475 : <WARNING> [di8] Input buffer overflow for device 'mouse' (error code: 0x1). more examples 00:13:31.232 : <ERROR> Failed to compute bounding sphere for prefab item 0x2d227a8440000001 00:13:32.262 : <ERROR...
by jarvik79
11 Dec 2016 09:29
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [REL] Volvo 2009 Classic [ohaha] v18.0s
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Re: [REL] Volvo 2009 Classic [ohaha] v16.6s

Agreed. They look somehow completely wrong.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.
by jarvik79
11 Dec 2016 09:18
Forum: Help requests
Topic: Change icon
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Re: Change icon

It is right. "Invisible" is meant as in they don't glow and flash rotate. It changes them into a sewer manhole cover, so you can still see it, but it doesn't break immersion. Also, you probably wouldn't want to replace it with a person , since you'd be running them down every time you went to take a...
by jarvik79
11 Dec 2016 09:05
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: No Product Key when purchased new game
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Re: No Product Key when purchased new game

The game won't - it's activated through Steam. So when you added & installed it from Steam, that's all you need to do. :)
by jarvik79
10 Dec 2016 21:54
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: ETS 2 doesn't work
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Re: ETS 2 doesn't work

You used multiplayer on that profile before? Because you have the mp mod loading, and from hearsay it doesn't work yet.

Also, your graphics card is WELL below the minimum requirements, and the rest of your PC barely meets it. You really should consider getting a better PC to play this.
by jarvik79
10 Dec 2016 00:53
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: Right Tool for the job?
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Re: Right Tool for the job?

Any cabover with 500+ hp and at least 6xX will do just fine. 6x4 if you expect any kind of rough road work (quarries etc.) Of course, 8x4 is where the cool kids like to play.... when they're not hauling 9t of oranges with them. I say cabover because on ETS2 roads, you want the manoeuvrability to off...
by jarvik79
09 Dec 2016 18:56
Forum: Help requests
Topic: Show current cruise control speed?
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Re: Show current cruise control speed?

If you have a tablet, then you might also be interested in viewtopic.php?f=41&t=171000
by jarvik79
09 Dec 2016 18:53
Forum: Bugs 1.5
Topic: San Luis Obispo missing a "P"
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Re: San Luis Obispo missing a "P"

It's linked to the screen resolution you're playing at, too - i.e. 1366x768. Also reported here (different sign, same effect):

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