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by ArTrailfanRaf214
13 Sep 2020 12:19
Forum: Sound
Topic: Volvo F Series Sound | v2.0 | 1.39
Replies: 27
Views: 8150

Re: Volvo F Series Sound | W.i.P

Will this also work with Mjtemdark's F10-F12 too?
The recorded sounds are awesome :D , i will edit the mod for my personal purposes to make it as an open pipe sound.
Looking forward to the Turbostar and the Scania 1 series V8 too.
by ArTrailfanRaf214
11 Sep 2020 05:32
Forum: SCS Site
Topic: [ARCHIVED] SCS General Discussion Thread
Replies: 53617
Views: 3587273

Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

Can't wait to drive the new Western star in SCS it looks much like a vocational truck but it is still good truck.
by ArTrailfanRaf214
01 Sep 2020 05:15
Forum: Sound
Topic: [REL] Mercedes Actros OM502LA V8 1.1
Replies: 16
Views: 6347

Re: [REL] Mercedes Actros OM502LA V8

Maybe need to lower your volume slider a bit.
Also Mod has been updated, now supports Dotec's Mercedes MP2 Black Edition :D
by ArTrailfanRaf214
28 Aug 2020 12:04
Forum: Trucks
Topic: VOLVO F88 by XBS
Replies: 1665
Views: 303900

Re: VOLVO F88 by XBS

Hello @XBS I made a sound conversion of this F88 to FMOD 1.38 and i would like to share that sound fix to make it work on 1.37-1.38 publicly.
Can i share it here or send you the files of my sound mod in PM?
by ArTrailfanRaf214
26 Aug 2020 09:44
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [2.27] Volvo VNL 2018 fix
Replies: 1580
Views: 194949

Re: [2.25] Volvo VNL 2018 fix

felipe_hostins wrote:
20 Aug 2020 02:08
Is there a good sound mod that works on the latest version? I coudn't find anyone :(
Fluff N Pups (Northeast Freightways) made a mod that adds Volvo DK13 sound from Kriechbaum into this Volvo VNL 2018.
Mod can be found here viewtopic.php?f=212&t=289148
by ArTrailfanRaf214
24 Aug 2020 06:51
Forum: Trucks
Topic: Autocar AT/DC
Replies: 1730
Views: 267648

Re: Autocar AT/DC

No to add window animations on the DC it's to be done in Blender you cant copy the anim files from the AT to DC,you need to edit them in blender too.
by ArTrailfanRaf214
23 Aug 2020 05:10
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [CLOSED] MAN TGS v1.3 (v1.27)
Replies: 234
Views: 89311

Re: MAN TGS v1.3 (v1.27)

It works on 1.38 but there is no horn sound, so i mix the sounds with R.J TSRM man tgx euro 5 sounds to make the horn work on 1.38
by ArTrailfanRaf214
21 Aug 2020 11:43
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] [WIP] EuRoadNet v1.0 [1.38]
Replies: 225
Views: 56223

Re: [REL] [WIP] EuRoadNet v1.0 [1.38]

Topolino. wrote:
21 Aug 2020 07:39
There is something cooking...
Nice..A EuRoadNet PhpBB forum is also an another source for chatting and support.
by ArTrailfanRaf214
14 Aug 2020 13:06
Forum: Trucks
Topic: Freightliner Trucks by XBS
Replies: 851
Views: 147225

Re: Freightliner Trucks by XBS

Thanks for the patch, i also converted defs from rookie_one's Cummins L10 and ISM mods into this truck currently for personal use.

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