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by SaMartok (NL)
15 Nov 2020 11:01
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [1.5] MACK Pinnacle CHU613 fix
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Re: [1.5] MACK Pinnacle CHU613 fix

As far as I understood it. This truck is being maintained as is, not further developed.
by SaMartok (NL)
05 Nov 2020 20:54
Forum: Maps
Topic: [WIP] Midwest Expansion
Replies: 227
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Re: [WIP] Midwest Expansion

0.159free is available at his Discord @Frenchman
by SaMartok (NL)
05 Nov 2020 10:59
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [REL] Iveco Stralis v1.1 (02.11.20)
Replies: 123
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Re: [REL] Iveco Stralis v1.1 (02.11.20)

florian13451 wrote:
04 Nov 2020 11:27
Game crasht :(
Gamelog would be helpfull, mate.
by SaMartok (NL)
01 Nov 2020 22:58
Forum: Maps
Topic: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.11 (UPD 05 Dec)
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Re: [UPD] Coast to Coast Map - v2.11.8 (UPD 8 Aug)

Is there any plan to release V2.12 as freeware in the near future?
by SaMartok (NL)
16 Oct 2020 21:14
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] CanaDream - v2.11.9 (CLOSED)
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Re: [REL] CanaDream - v2.11.8 and v2.12 (06 October)

Those are kilometers per hour. Not miles.
by SaMartok (NL)
16 Oct 2020 09:42
Forum: Sound
Topic: Engine sound mega pack 3.5 date 2021/02/13
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Re: Engine sound mega pack 3.2 date 2020/10/04

FuseGamer31 wrote:
16 Oct 2020 03:39
Can you update this pack to 1.39 and if possible can you update all your 1.38 sounds to 1.39?
Mate, what your asking is a lot of work. And your doing nobody a favour by asking the obvious from modders.

Especially if your first post on the forum is a question of this nature.
by SaMartok (NL)
16 Oct 2020 09:38
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL][WIP] ProMods: Canada version 1.x updates and discussion
Replies: 1381
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Re: [WIP] ProMods: Canada version 1.x updates and discussion

Maybe someone else can keep Canadream connected to this project in the future.
by SaMartok (NL)
13 Oct 2020 13:38
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] Caribbean Map 1.0.2 for ATS 1.39 by TerraMaps
Replies: 178
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Re: [WIP] Caribbean Map

@Valnei JS Games 2 In English?
by SaMartok (NL)
20 Sep 2020 09:59
Forum: Maps
Topic: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2
Replies: 1278
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Re: [REL] US Expansion V2.6.2

Replace the 2.6.2 version with the 2.7

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