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by Billy_Costigan
17 Oct 2018 14:29
Forum: Others
Topic: Automatic Headlights
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Re: Automatic Headlights

Could you explain where I have to put the script and all necessary files in, please?
by Billy_Costigan
13 Oct 2018 10:20
Forum: General discussion about the game
Topic: ETS2/ATS Telemetry Web Server + Mobile Dashboard
Replies: 1433
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Re: ETS2/ATS Telemetry Web Server + Mobile Dashboard

I have a problem with this mod. It stopped working with my main profile. It's working on ATS and any other profiles. But since yesterday evening it doesn't work and it even worked before. Can someone help me please? EDIT: Seems to be a problem wit WOT Contracts. Sometimes it works with it, sometimes...
by Billy_Costigan
11 Oct 2018 13:51
Forum: Others
Topic: T Dashboard 4.0.5 for ETS2 Telemetry Server 4.0.0 [12 Apr 2020]
Replies: 82
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Re: T Dashboard 3.0 (Mobile Dashboard Skin for ETS2 Telemetry Server) [Update: 11 Oct 2018]

@SuperMaic could you reupload your translation? The link doesn't work.
by Billy_Costigan
03 Oct 2018 18:39
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [2.28] Volvo VNL 2018 fix
Replies: 1593
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Re: [1.13/2.9] Volvo VNL 2018 fix

There seems to be a problem with the interior lights. Both doesn't work even when they're equipped.

I tried the one from SISL and the light which come with the VNL.
by Billy_Costigan
30 Sep 2018 13:13
Forum: Truck accessories
Topic: ReMoled Next Gen V1.9 - LIVE
Replies: 770
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Re: ReMoled Next Gen V1 - LIVE

Very nice! Would be awesome to see an amber option for the lights in the future.
by Billy_Costigan
20 Jun 2018 16:41
Forum: Truck accessories
Topic: [CLOSED] Custom Interior
Replies: 272
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Re: [WIP] Custom Interior

Nice! Good to see that someone's actually caring about the new Scania.
by Billy_Costigan
16 Jun 2018 16:01
Forum: Mods
Topic: Scania S Dashboard Color
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Scania S Dashboard Color

by Billy_Costigan
15 Jun 2018 11:40
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Fabry85 Screenshots and skinworks
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Re: Fabry85 Screenshots and skinworks

Nice shots, Fabry85!

Could you tell tell me what mod do you use for lowering your Scania S suspension? I can't finde one which works with the cables.
by Billy_Costigan
13 Jun 2018 01:48
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Show your Scania!
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Re: Show your Scania! High Res High Res
by Billy_Costigan
09 Jun 2018 20:21
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Show your Scania!
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Re: Show your Scania!

Some shots of my Scania. I'm still working on the skin and it needs some touches. High Res

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