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by Truckingme
04 Jun 2020 15:56
Forum: SCS Site
Topic: [ARCHIVED] SCS General Discussion Thread
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

xXCARL1992Xx wrote:
04 Jun 2020 15:54
works with owned trailer, i just secured a flatbed load for me so i can do it later on :joy:
Really? Hype
by Truckingme
03 Jun 2020 22:44
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Fabry85 Screenshots and skinworks
Replies: 1028
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Re: Fabry85 Screenshots and skinworks

Omg you made fincantieri and salini stuff... As i live in Genoa i really like that stuff
by Truckingme
31 May 2020 19:29
Forum: Trucks
Topic: DAF 95 ATi by XBS
Replies: 1605
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Re: DAF 95 ATi by XBS

by Truckingme
30 May 2020 16:46
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: On Tour with ActrosMP3
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Re: On Tour with ActrosMP3

Xavier08000 wrote:
26 Apr 2020 17:30
Hello how did you get the new Mercedes?
Can you send it to me
Google it there is another mb actros 5 that was realised public some time ago
by Truckingme
27 May 2020 16:29
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [REL] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84 (1.40)
Replies: 377
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Re: [REL] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84 (1.37)

@Ralf84 can you rebuild the interior? It looks strange, maybe it s a problem of textures and proportions
by Truckingme
23 May 2020 11:19
Forum: Trailers
Topic: [WIP ][REL] PACTON Container | v1.35.xx
Replies: 244
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Re: [WIP ][REL] PACTON Container | v1.35.xx

Cargos are containers? Or you choose a container and then cargo?
by Truckingme
20 May 2020 21:13
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: StereoPhobic's Screens & Artwork
Replies: 1573
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Re: StereoPhobic's Screens & Artwork

Omg you made Hartmann 😱 Have you seen their new ekeri trailer?
by Truckingme
13 May 2020 19:03
Forum: Others
Topic: [WIP] Improved Special Transport trucks
Replies: 6
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Re: [WIP] Improved Special Transport trucks

Autotrasporti cram from italy
by Truckingme
13 May 2020 17:18
Forum: Trucks
Topic: [REL] Next Generation Scania P G R S [v.2.3.1 - 26.12.2020]
Replies: 2268
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Re: [REL] Next Generation Scania P G R S [v.2.0. 05.12.2019]

Thank you @Eugene . In the volvo you used 50keda wheels?

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