Xbox one Controller Layout?

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Re: Xbox one Controller Layout?

#11 Post by TheALX400Guy » 26 Oct 2019 20:27

I use the following:

left stick = steering
left stick press = Engine On

right stick = camera
Right stick press = Parking Brake

d-pad left = Cruise Control Down
d-pad right = Cruise Control Increase
d-pad down = Drop Trailer
D-pad up = light modes

Start button = cruise
menu button = Hazard Lights

A = Horn
B = Interior Camera
X = Activate
Y = Light Horn

right trigger = acceleration
left trigger = brake

left bumper = left indicator
right bumper = right indicator

Obviously, thats how i do it but you can change it

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Re: Xbox one Controller Layout?

#12 Post by mofocheeto » 04 Jan 2021 15:26

It would be great if we could operate one of the analog sticks like the steering wheel. That would be sweet.

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