XBOX360 gamepad

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XBOX360 gamepad

#1 Post by Saxtus » 27 Jan 2013 20:54

As I am playing on my big TV, I am using the wireless version of XBOX360 gamepad.
I am not sure why vibration doesn't work at all, even if I have enabled force feedback at options.

My current layout:

L horizontal - Steering
L vertical - Gear up/down
L press - Cruise control
R - Camera
R press - Cabin view (to reset to center of view)
LT - Brakes
RT - Throttle
LB - Turn signal left
RB - Turn signal right
Back - Wipers
Start - Warning lights (both left & right turn signals)
A - Horn
B - Motor brake
X - Advisor page 1 (to switch GPS zoom levels at each keypress)
Y - Parking brake
Dpad up - Switch high beams
Dpad down - Change lights mode
Dpad left - Beacon
Dpad right - Light horn (warning high beam)

The rest are be done by a USB keyboard using a looong USB extantion cable! Although it's a seldom use while driving.
I've started using manual gearbox, but I've switched to real automatic soon after, because I got lazy!

So, do any of you use the same controller and have complete lack of vibration too while playing ETS2?


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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#2 Post by Oscar » 10 Feb 2013 13:23

I'm using the XBOX 360 Controller as well and I don't have vibration as well. I think the vibration settings only applies to wheels like the G27. My current control configuration is as follows:

RT: Throttle
LT: Brakes
RB: Right signals
LB: Left Signals
L Horizontal: Steering
L Press: Horn
R Horizontal: Look left/right
R Vertical: Look up/down
R Press: Interior Camera
Back: Scroll views
Start: Cruise Control
A: Motor Brake
B: Shift up
X: Shift down
Y: Light Horn (Flash high beams)
DPad Up: Headlights mode
DPad Down: Switch high beams
DPad Left: Wipers
DPad Right: Scroll through Dashboard Info Screen
What I say is mostly accurate.
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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#3 Post by Kilonum » 11 Jul 2013 16:42

RT: Throttle
LT: Brakes
RB: Right signals
LB: Left Signals
L Horizontal: Steering
L Press: Horn
R Horizontal: Look left/right
R Vertical: Look up/down
R Press: Scroll through Dashboard Info Screen
Back: Headlights mode
Start: Pause
A: Action
B: Shift up
X: Shift down
Y: Hazards
DPad Up: Switch high beams
DPad Down: Parking Brake
DPad Left: Wipers
DPad Right: Cruise Control

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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#4 Post by Maddreg » 15 Jul 2013 11:38

Also no vibration :(

RT: Throttle
LT: Brakes
RB: Gear up
LB: Gear down (neural/reverse)
L Horizontal: Steering
L Vertical: None yet
L Press: None yet
R Horizontal: Look left/right
R Vertical: None yet
R Press: Center camera
Back: Hand brake
Start: Start Engine
A: Cruize control
B: Wipers
X: Horn
Y: High beam blink
DPad Up: Lights toggle
DPad Down: Hazard lamps
DPad Left: Left signal
DPad Right: Right signal

After reading your layouts I think I will reconsider mine :)

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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#5 Post by f_mees » 21 Jul 2013 15:31

I hope ETS2 gets XInput support in the future.
It would be good to have independent axis for throttle and brakes, and rumble feedback on the X360 Controller.

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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#6 Post by erbkaiser » 28 Jul 2013 14:04

I am using the Xbox360 controller and drive using 'Real Automatic'.

RT: Throttle
LT: Brakes
RB: Right signals
LB: Left Signals
RB+LB: Hazard Signals
L Horizontal: Steering
L Press: Reset Camera
R Horizontal: Look left/right
R Vertical: Look up/down
R Press: Cycle Cameras
Back: Menu/World Map
Start: Parking Brake
A: Horn + Big Lights
B: Shift up
X: Shift down
Y: Cruise Control
DPad Up: Beacon
DPad Down: Cycle Dashboard Info
DPad Left: Cycle Lights
DPad Right: Wipers

A button and RB+LB combo was made by manually editing the controls.sii file:

config_lines[146]: "mix horn `keyboard.h?0 | joy.b1?0`"
config_lines[147]: "mix lighthorn `keyboard.j?0 | joy.b1?0`"
config_lines[159]: "mix 4wayflasher `keyboard.f?0 | joy.b5?0 & joy.b6?0`"

With this setup I only need to use the keyboard and mouse to navigate the main menu, to attach/unattach trailers, and to confirm or deny actions (like tanking). But when I do that I am not driving anyway.

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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#7 Post by nftbu » 08 Aug 2013 15:10

I have bought a Xbox 360 controller, too and looking good so far. Never played with a gamepad before so it's quit new to me though.

For those who are looking for Force Feedback support. It is possible. Please feel free to install a modified driver (restart required). ... osted-here

After installation and restart you should open the configuration utility and take a close look there (especially the buttons which are axis, z-rotation buttons e.g.; they might be configured as buttons). After correcting things you must hit apply and recalibrate the controller in the Windows configuration (the config-utility can be kept open).

Also keep in mind that you might increase the force feedback sliders in the game.

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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#8 Post by Eddiestobart » 21 Aug 2013 07:36

Having only very recently graduated to gaming on PCs I was delighted when I found out I could use the 360 controller. What had always put me off PC gaming was the prospect of controlling the game with keyboard and mouse...yuk!

I've always played consoles, particularly 360 so as the PC runs much better graphics than console ill have to rethink on what platform Ill play the new releases on.

My set up on Xbox controller...

RB: Right signals
LB: Left Signals
L d-pad: flashing lights
R d-pad: hazard lights
L stick: steering
R Stick: look left and right, up and down
A: Cruise control
B: Main beam
X: Lights
Y: Wipers
Click left stick: horn
Click right stick: flash main beam.

I have got an official Xbox 360'wheel and even went as far as getting a wireless thingy that I could use the wheel on the pc, but I haven't tried it yet, the controller is fine.

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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#9 Post by FordGT90Concept » 06 Sep 2013 22:01

File uploading isn't working to the forum so I placed the file here (right-click and "save as..."):

Make sure the game isn't running and place the file here (changing exisiting file to .bak or something):
Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\############################\controls.sii

Once the file is installed and you started up the game, feel free to change all of the presets I gave it. If you would rather manually edit the important bits that you can't do in game, here are the lines:

Code: Select all

 config_lines[62]: "mix back `keyboard.esc?0 | joy.b8?0`"
 config_lines[63]: "mix skip `keyboard.esc?0 | joy.b8?0`"
 config_lines[150]: "mix menu `keyboard.esc?0 | joy.b8?0`"
 config_lines[166]: "mix 4wayflasher `keyboard.f?0 | joy.b5?0 & joy.b6?0`"

I don't know if the file has these but make sure they're the way they should be:
Options -> Gameplay
-Transmission type: Sequential
-Steering autocenter: checked (makes trailer manipulation in yards much easier)

Options -> Controls
-Transmission: Sequential
-Steering sensitivity: maxed (makes it return to center quicker so steering is more responsive, especially when moving slow)

Control scheme:
Left Stick = steer left/right
Left Stick Button = high beams on/off
D-pad left = left blinker
D-pad right = right blinker
D-pad down = bumper cam (you'll probably want to change this)
D-pad up = third person cam (you'll probably want to change this)
Right Stick = look around (works in third person cam as well as driver cam)
Right Stick Button = engine on/off
Left Trigger = apply brake
Right Trigger = apply fuel
Left Bumper = shift down
Right Bumper = shift up
Left + Right Bumper = hazard lights on/off
Back = map (if already selected, changes the zoom level)
Start = menu/back/escape
A = activate
B = trailer attach/drop
X = Lights Mode (first does fog lights, second does head lights, third does off; I think)
Y = cruise control

WARNING: If you start ETS2 without the Xbox 360 controller being plugged in/on/found, ETS2 changes the control type from Gamepad/joystick to Wheel. Change it back to Gamepad/joystick for it to function correctly again. Also, stating the obvious: change Keyboard or Keyboard + Mouse back to Keyboard + Xbox 360 controller. ETS2 recalls all the other settings except that one.

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Re: XBOX360 gamepad

#10 Post by sw3gameboy » 09 Jan 2014 18:31

Yes i know this is an old topic! BTW, here is my setup for my wired x360 controller:
Left stick: Steer.
Left stick press: Horn.
Right stick: Gas/Brake
Right stick press: High beam.
LT/RT: Look left/right (note however that if you're going to use my setup, make sure to invert LT/RT just so that the result is how it should!)
LB/RB: Shift down/Shift up.
Start: Nothing.
Select: Cruise Control.
D-pad up: Warning Hazards.
D-pad right: Right indicator
D-pad left: Left indicator
D-pad down: Lights.
A-button: Enter.
B-button: Handbrake.
Y-button: Attach trailer.
X-button: Wipers.
Working nicely for me 8-)

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