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How to get 100 percent on the Explore Map

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Re: How to get 100 percent on the Explore Map

#11 Post by Smokey27 » 22 Feb 2021 13:37

Smokey27 wrote:
04 Feb 2021 16:33
I tried this on ETS2 and it works GREAT, Thank You. My 99.99 percent headache is on ATS. I tried the download and put it in the mod file on ATS like normal mods but it crashed when I opened the map, after several tries, I removed the mod. :?: Thanks again for your help.
To update: I found this map mod in the workshop for ATS, Worked like a charm. To date, I am at 100 percent coverage on the map in both ATS & ETS2. The areas I found with this Mod were around several larger truck stops. There were spots you couldn't drive to, so I had to fly & land on them then teleport back. The one spot was even on top of the canopy at the gas pumps. One or two spots where the green makers for getting fuel. The hardest spot was next to a bridge that I had to fly under to just the right spot and drive forward about 2 inches (which created major truck damage) before it registered. With my mind now at ease with a completed map & new-found knowledge I thank you all for your comments & suggestions.

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Re: How to get 100 percent on the Explore Map

#12 Post by Steve Pitts » 22 Feb 2021 19:41

Well done on the 100%s but I'd be prepared to bet that there are still dozens of map items you've not discovered in both games :)
Cheers, Steve

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Re: How to get 100 percent on the Explore Map

#13 Post by Cyclone » 24 Feb 2021 00:47

A bit late to the party here, but my clearance method is a probably non-unique one. I only started exploring the map in the last few weeks as I started playing, planning to do videos for Youtube. My strategy is to cover brand new areas for drives where possible, and between videos let my employee (more in the future) make the money while I putz around on the roads I've explored. I try to not move on from any city until I am certain all roads have been covered. If I go through a highway interchange, I try to turn around (this is next to impossible in much of France), or worst case scenario start entering a path, light it up, then back up and continue. Depending on the complexity of the interchange, I might start backing into the exit lane coming onto the highway so I can skip that road from the connector later.

Even doing this, you can miss a rest stop here and there, and I found I missed about seven in the UK that I eventually ran jobs near specifically to drive through. Even after activating Vive La France I found one last one near Felixstowe while trying out my first Special Transport, of all things, and ran a return trip to clear it. Now with the DLC added, I most recently just finished recording a series of videos exploring Corsica, and ran a job to Toulouse as I left, and now have a full circle around the outside of the France DLC; I'm presently working my way along the roads covering things as I go. Bordeaux to Toulouse has been fully explored except the connector at Golfech, for instance, and an industry loop here and there that is isolated and easy to get from the highway later. I'm continuing my way back towards Marsailles. Naturally I want that Pathfinder achievement, and might go for that before adding Black Sea and others, only adding Italia first if anything. The more I install, the longer the task. So once it's clear I can move on to enjoying all of the DLC and those achievements, I feel. For now, i break traffic laws. LOL
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