Blinker flare, that works in blinker_off-time

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Blinker flare, that works in blinker_off-time

#1 Post by tinusman » 29 Sep 2020 15:38

Can anybody say, if it`s possible to create a blinker Flares
for left_ and right_blinker, that ONLY works when the blinker-time is off.
so they can be used beside the normal blinker_flare

I`m creating an ai vehicle, that has 2 blinkers, in front and back of each side of the vehicle,
the top one blinks when the bottum one is off
and vice versa.
than there is alltime 1 blinking .(no off-time)
Looking in walking blinkers mod and trying to create my own variant, there is allways an off-time , that no blinker light is seen.

Thanks in advance Tinusman

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Re: Blinker flare, that works in blinker_off-time

#2 Post by LeafeonGold » 30 Sep 2020 04:02

This is something i've asked for as well. Currently not doable for AI, and for player vehicles you can sorta get away with it by setting the blinker rate to 0 and using patterns for this, but the downside is your turn signal will constantly be on on the dashboard.
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