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Re: Suggest a radio stream!

#71 Post by Masha89 » 10 Aug 2017 14:00

Perhaps these are already written, and I'm not one that listens to something like this, but - I'm listen this radiostation from my live_streams.sii files of both games, ETS2 & ATS:

in ATS, listen N.Y. rap-radiostation, "",

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"stream_data[]: ";?.mp3|1POWER|Hip Hop/Urban/RNB|EN|0|1"
also in ATS, listen classic country-radiostation, "HPR1 - Heartland Public Radio 1", it's a Really Classic American Country,

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stream_data[]: ";?.mp3|Heartland Public Radio 1|Classic Country|EN|0|1"
in ETS2, listen Norwegian Oslo rap & pop-radiostation, "NRK MP3", where the station, the half of the songs from the N.Y. "1POWER", the half of the songs is the European,

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"stream_data[]: "|NRK MP3|Dance|NO|192|1"
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Re: Suggest a radio stream!

#72 Post by DEDE62 » 10 Aug 2017 14:27

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stream_data[0]: "|Hotmix Rock|Rock|FR|128|0"
Hotmix rock, France

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