Bin directory missing from Oculus 1.35 beta in Steam

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Bin directory missing from Oculus 1.35 beta in Steam

#1 Post by Daenen » 19 Jun 2019 12:39

Hi All,

I have an odd problem with the Oculus\Vive 1.35 beta on steam.
I can run the game fine when not opted in to any beta's, but after switching to the oculus 1.35 beta the binary directory is completely missing from the steam installation. Wondering if this directory was somehow missed from the Linux version that was pushed to steam.

/Steam/steamapps/common/Euro Truck Simulator 2/bin

When switching to the beta steam performs a 22mb download, and that directory no longer exists. Trying to launch the game gives a missing executable error.
Verifying local game files detects no issues and doesn't prompt any additional downloads.

If I opt out of the beta to the standard version Steam downloads a 37mb update, the bin folder re-appears, and things are back to normal.
Have tested this multiple times to rule out a corrupted download, it just seems like the beta itself has missing files.
Haven't been able to test on Windows to see if that version of the beta downloads ok. But couldn't find any complaints about it in Google.

Wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? I'm guessing the number of ETS2 players running Linux + VR is pretty small.

Manjaro Linux x86_64
Kernel 4.19.45-1-MANJARO
NVIDIA GTX 1070 proprietary driver 390.116.1

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