Known Bugs 1.4.1

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Known Bugs 1.4.1

#1 Post by Centrino2 » 10 Jul 2013 20:20

New patch, new topic.
Same rules apply from Known Bugs 1.3.1 topic, to keep number of pages down and prevent duplicate posting.

New Patch is Out: 1.4.8

Start of List
Reportedly: New force feedback behavior is to simulate power steering in trucks when they are on or off, this is not a bug. Adjust your settings to find your preference.
  • Floating barracks in Birmingham [2631] - Screenshot
    Position: -45921.4;37.5102;-20552.8
  • Iveco Hi-Way: bug wipers [2632]
  • Iveco Hi Way mirror bug [2633] - Video
  • Missing shadow on Scania [2634] - Screenshot
  • Interiors are the same, no matter which cabin you have installed on your truck. (Reportedly: This is not on SCS list of bugs to be fixed or it is on low priority, this bug does not effect gameplay) (Centrino2)


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