Possible bugs

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Possible bugs

#1 Post by Jamie1600 » 15 Jul 2013 07:07


I found a couple of problems:

1) The game crashes when changing resolution .... It happened to me with the new truck Iveco
2) I do not know why but mirrors ... and I do not mean those that can be turned on F2 but those on the truck, I'm terribly slow running games even if they are of low quality and the smallest distance are rendered

There's no serious problems, but does not hurt to write them here.

I have no other game modes and the latest available version 1.4.1

Beta version of the patch do not use, always wait for the official release

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Re: Possible bugs

#2 Post by hasanmoukalled » 17 Jul 2013 11:34

Did you suffer from trailer disappearance? Suddenly the trailer disappear.

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