Warehouse lights VS trailer connection

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Warehouse lights VS trailer connection

#1 Post by Kraz » 15 Jul 2013 13:16


This maybe a deliberate optimization?

When I make a delivery or collect a new trailer at night from a warehouse (company), the lights from the warehouse will be illuminated and will cast light onto the ground and surrounding objects. However, once I've disconnected the trailer (if delivering) or connected the trailer (if collecting) the warehouse lights will extinguish but leaving the light 'flares' enabled (perhaps they should disappear too?).
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Re: Warehouse lights VS trailer connection

#2 Post by TruckerKid » 15 Jul 2013 21:26

The illumination you see is actually from the arrows above the trailer, it illuminates the area where the trailer is to help with visibility for the player.
The lights on the warehouses DO illuminate all the time (you can see them illuminate the loading/unloading bays in your pics behind the parked trailers).

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