Krakow SanBuilders time flow scale [89582]

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Krakow SanBuilders time flow scale [89582]

#1 Post by 102 » 18 Oct 2013 17:58

It is not citywide time flow scale, but rather countryside time flow scale, i.e. one ingame minute pass for 3 real time seconds, not 12 seconds. Similar problem existed in Salzburg's SanBuilders as I posted back in August, and it's been fixed.

Also, southern approach in Debrechen, East-West oriented road that leads to service station, also is outside of citywide time flow scale, despite technically, according to road signs, this is still city territory. Southern approach in London also has this. Actually in many cities road sign telling you already within city's borders does not mean time flow going to shift from countryside to citywide. In many cities hedgegrowth is actual sign you're going through time flow scale change zone.

Generally it is not that big problem, but in case of unexplainably slow traffic (like 20 km/h below speed limit in "fast" lane) and you rushing to get interesting delivery, or to deliver yours, this could pose minor problem and major FFFRRRRUUUstration. ;)
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Re: Krakow SanBuilders time flow scale

#2 Post by Janusz666 » 27 Jun 2019 15:59

Need update for Krakow.

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