Various road/prefab issues

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Various road/prefab issues

#1 Post by Johan » 19 Oct 2013 18:46

I am noticing quite some road/prefab issues every now and then. Unfortunately, they can be found almost everywere around the map, and once you start looking at them, it's hard to ignore them. Below is an example of some issues i'd like to point out. I don't know whether they will get fixed, but i'm just sharing this stuff anyway as you may never know. I decided to not make separate threads for them just to keep things organised and easier to show.


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1. Road markings are interrupted.
2. Skid marks are interrupted. Same below number 4.
3. A bit harder to see from up above, but the lines don't match: one line is wider than the other and they have the wrong angle: one line is pointing higher than the other. A similar issue can be seen at number 5.
4. The tip is cut off. Texture is missing or forgotten (prefab issue).
5. This is a very common problem. Road markings don't match, different asphalt textures. Very noticable.

Aerial view:


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