The meaning of WOT for us ETS ATS players?

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The meaning of WOT for us ETS ATS players?

#1 Post by Keksa » 26 Mar 2017 22:13

What is the meaning of WOT website?? Maybe I'm missing an important aspect of ATS/ETS. Is it a social media connecting truck gamers? Maybe I can deepen my ETS/ATS experience with WOT site, please fellow truckers tell me how do you use it :)
Keksa, Finland

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Flemming V
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Re: The meaning of WOT for us ETS ATS players?

#2 Post by Flemming V » 27 Mar 2017 05:07

You can use it to share your pictures from game, share what you have hauled, and of course see what everyone else has obtained.
Get achievements. compete in events from time to time, open up for paint jobs and design packs.
And who knows what SCS comes up with next on WOTR.

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Re: The meaning of WOT for us ETS ATS players?

#3 Post by TruckerCol11 » 17 Jul 2017 13:41

Hi Kelsa,

I understand why you're confused. This seems like a very underutilized aspect in the game. I can't understand it.

Players are getting bored with ATS as it is taking a very long time to expand the map. Of course - it takes as long as it takes. But I feel like the attention of players could be kept by adding to WOT. The web dev team should be separate from the map team so I don't understand why progress cannot be made on both simultaneously.

In essence they should be working to allow players to create 50 member trucking companies. These companies can then be sorted, ranked, compared based on mileage, damage, earnings, mpg... fun stuff!
In addition to that SCS could run monthly tournaments that run for a few days where trucking companies compete to do the most X - where X is $, deliveries, miles. These kinds of activites create huge interest and desire to play the game.

It seems like the infrastructure is already 80% there with the online job market. It just needs all the dots connecting by the webdev to get the world of trucks data to have value.

It's a great shame as obviously ATS had huge interest by lots of people who may never play the game ever again. They should be working hard on WOT to keep players interested while they wait for new DLC.

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Re: The meaning of WOT for us ETS ATS players?

#4 Post by NEVSKY » 21 Aug 2017 10:15

Quote removed. Double post removed.

TruckerCol11, I fully support you. I play for a long time and I get bored. If add companies in WoTr, it will be very very interesting!! I'm not interested the multiplayer mod (lawlessness). I would like to be in the company and play a single game. My progress for the company displays WoTr. It would be amazing!!! I'd forgive the old engine and lack of DirectX 11/12 in the game. 01/12/2015 developers told us about this, but for some reason no news is no more about it. Very sad(((

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