unable to synchronize WOT to ETS2

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unable to synchronize WOT to ETS2

#1 Post by Regent 013 » 26 Feb 2017 21:14

I've been trying to run WOT external contacts for a few runs now, and no matter what I do I can't get it to synchronize on delivery. I am able to select, pick up and drive the load to the destination, but I can't deliver the load at all.

EDIT: I tried just the simple "enter" method of delivery and the normal park it and disconnect method, neither will synchronize with WOT

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Re: unable to synchronize WOT to ETS2

#2 Post by kangoeroe » 01 Mar 2017 09:40

Are you using any map mods or mods that change companys positions??
WOT won't work with map mods and mods that change company positions.
If you use promods only places in frances (dlc) that are not added by promods wil work in WOT. I am dooing WOT in france and it works.
I am mostly playing OpenRCT2 and its fun. If you like RCT2 and can't run it on mordern windows or other os try openRCT2 klick the image for the site.

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