License plate consistency

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License plate consistency

#1 Post by wolfrunner86 » 23 Dec 2019 17:59

i have noticed that the Oregon plate in ATS has been updated at some point to the actual truck plate but on WoT its still the standard vehicle plate. not sure if any others are like that.

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Re: License plate consistency

#2 Post by TruckinDiesel » 26 Dec 2019 10:12

I've noticed that too. What's more, Oregon, California and Nevada are the only states in the game that have license plate bases for apportioned trucks distinct from the passenger base. The other states use the same plate bases as passenger issues, though with different serial ranges, and sometimes with vertical letters, "APPORTIONED" or a sticker indicating apportioned status (eg on UT plates, the validation sticker would say "APPORTIONED" on it, while WA has an amber "APPOR. COMBINATION" sticker that's either placed on the top of the plate or over the "EVERGREEN STATE" slogan).

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