[Suggestion]: WoT Contracts

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[Suggestion]: WoT Contracts

#1 Post by sundistorsion » 21 Apr 2020 19:45

Increase the WoT Events-like activities.
Every time we had a community event, everyone comes together and the WoT comes in the center of the game. I would like to suggest that the Event-like activities are increased on a "permanent" basis.

My suggestion is "Employed/Exclusive Contracts": You "sign" a contract with a specific in/game company. The contract is for 10/100/1000(?) jobs. During the contract execution:
- You can only drive cargo from and to that company
- The next job is given to you, and you cannot pick it. In some cases, the job should start in an adjacent city and not directly from the city of the last drop. (sometimes, trucks drive for a bit empty, between jobs....)
- All jobs must be consecutive, meaning that if you take an in-game cargo/current external contracts, the 'Exclusive contracts' are cancelled/reset
- Payment should be higher than standard contracts (i.e. 15% higher or 20% higher, if you have your own trailer)
- These contracts are 'suspended' if a community event is launched.

(i think the mechanics are fairly similar to the community events, so maybe easy to implement)

Possible rewards:
- maybe a fancy, new, dedicated, badge page, where all the fulfilled contracts would go in.
- definitely an in-game inventory item
- for harder contracts (i.e. 500 jobs or higher), give a discount coupon for an existing (older) DLC. This game is getting expensive.

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Re: [Suggestion]: WoT Contracts

#2 Post by Reis_6 » 22 Apr 2020 01:56

Amazing! I would love more tools on WoT plataform. Including, i created a suggestion WoT contracts topic in the past with a paralel idea like you cited here... Take a look, please: viewtopic.php?f=134&t=277724 But, its gone, fell by the wayside.
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Re: [Suggestion]: WoT Contracts

#3 Post by Krystian05 » 24 Apr 2020 15:01

@sundistorsion Puh .... it´s hard to say smthg for me because I drive/take just in ETS2 +3500km freights and in ATS +1500mil and no shorter one´s

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Re: [Suggestion]: WoT Contracts

#4 Post by Larry71490 » 08 May 2020 06:54

I would actually support that. I try to do that anyway. I try to service one or two companies in a lane. Say as an example from Salt Lake to Ogden or Logan and back to Salt Lake.

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