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Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#11 Post by timski » 18 Jul 2020 09:37

@xXCARL1992Xx I just tested this in ATS 1.38:

If a local save is reloaded after a crash, the truck's damage and the ingame time revert to that of the save file. Trailer damage, cargo damage, and spatial geometry, retain the World of Trucks state. One can even change truck (eg suspend the job, buy a new truck, resume the job), crash and revert, to find the old (savegame) truck/time in the newer WoT cargo/spatial state. If you use your own trailer, trailer damage is reset when reloading the game, with WoT only maintaining cargo damage and spatial state.

By implication, World of Trucks is only recording what it absolutely needs to know to moderate the contract itself, and perhaps cannot easily be expanded to take account of more variables. Herein surely lay the Alpha tag. I suspect this whole topic is languishing in the design document for "when we do this multiplayer thing properly", and until then nobody is prepared to touch it.

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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#12 Post by Some newbie driver » 19 Jul 2020 09:31

Not only what you say @timski. Time ago I had to reload a WoT job due a crash of the game and I noticed that, as you said, the last spatial geometry was saved (I appeared almost at the same point where I was when the crash). But my savegame was from a several IRL minutes earlier. What I noticed is the savegame loaded the game time on the moment the savegame was created but I was on the later spatial point that WoT enforced. I noticed it because my rest time was in red before the crash and in blue with a nice extra margin after the load. Before the crash I know I had to do a rest before arrive destination and after the load it wasn't necessary.

It's a bit weird but it match what you said: WoT gathers the minimum necessary info to control the contract alone. It doesn't matter of anything else, not even the time-space coherence inside the game world. Funny thing is that something good for a future possible multiplayer system; because in there the time coherence could not be sustained so it doesn't care at all (like on TruckersMP). If they did care now about that coherence, they should had undone the job for that hypothetic multiplayer.


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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#13 Post by slemarko » 19 Jul 2020 10:53

@timski and @Some newbie driver - this is totally true! you can't resolve only rolled truck or damage to cargo.
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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#14 Post by FirestormMk3 » 20 Jul 2020 20:32

xXCARL1992Xx wrote:
17 Jul 2020 20:36
quick saves wont help you, did your truck get damaged WoTr will already have it registered before you can even act, same goes for roll over of the truck, you cant reverse it, even if you load a previous save from 5 minutes before the roll WoTr will roll you over again where you left it, the time ingame itself is irrelevant because WoTr uses real time anyway

also Europe has 90km/h everywhere without exceptions, UK might have 97 but the EU law overrules it (for now)
Both of these are somewhat correct. If you roll over after you pick up a trailer and try to reload any save that occured during the job it will dump you to the real time point of the job. You *can* however reload saves before the job and the job will be noted in your menu as "suspended." Yes though, during the delivery updates to your progress do appear logged in real time or at least nearly so. That should be all the more reason though they could limit actual illegal behavior if that was the goal as opposed to this solution where you can still "cheat" on back roads or all of California but are an obstacle to traffic elsewhere. As a note, fine status, disabling damage, trailer physics, and such which have a bigger impact on the "playing field" are not hard locked during contracts though (so with no damage and maxed out stability sliders you wouldn't need to reload anyway). It's both a baffling decision and frankly I think a negative one on the WoT experience.
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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#15 Post by plykkegaard » 21 Jul 2020 13:13

Interesting concept if WoT could reset gameplay settings like events, rain, physics etc to a common standard :D
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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#16 Post by cwat89 » 26 Sep 2020 12:35

I feel like they could at least give us a 70mph limit.

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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#17 Post by PBandJ » 23 Jan 2021 21:10

I don't mind the speed limiter, or the slower pace of a WOT contract. Something different, different feel to the game. Gives time to relax a bit and enjoy everything else. In ETS2 it is governed also and it isn't 90 MPH... :roll:

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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#18 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 23 Jan 2021 21:13

no, its isnt 90 mp/h but in the US 65 isnt the norm across all states but more like 75 average
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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#19 Post by PBandJ » 23 Jan 2021 21:31

Doesn't matter to me really. Drive all over California at 55, a lot of Oregon and Washington at 60....:) I still like the governed limit. Just makes the game different which I enjoy!

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Re: Speed Limiter with World of Trucks

#20 Post by supersobes » 23 Jan 2021 22:00

In most states, the truck speed limit on rural Interstates is 70 MPH. Only 15 states have a truck speed limit over 70 MPH. 16 states and territories (including Washington, DC and Puerto Rico) have a truck speed limit below 70 MPH. 21 states have a 70 MPH truck speed limit. Most of the big fleets that run in the United States have their speed limiters on their trucks set below 70 MPH, usually somewhere between 62 and 68 MPH.


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