WoT Season Pass... [Idea/Vote]

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Would you like to ride in a WoT Season Pass?

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WoT Season Pass... [Idea/Vote]

#1 Post by Reis_6 » 22 Jul 2020 20:02

A friend gave the idea and I came here to make some question. Why doesn't SCS create more WoT interaction like a Season Pass ranking? The ranking created by me and @donfede automated this, its great, however, there are unreachable players...
Therefore, the idea that emerged is: Create a Season Pass ranking separately where each Season there is a ranking that from there will have the global data of the Season.
EX: I have 2 million km in global statistics since WoT started until today;
In December 2020 the Winter Season ranking starts and go until March.
During this period, the global statistics are added to what I have run in the Season from when it started until today (2M KM + the statistics I maked in the season) but in the new Season it clears everything and starts again.
Example before the WoT Season Pass with my global statistics:
2M KM/37,000T, 2000hours and etc...
After the Winter Season: 3M KM(1M run in winter) 46,000t (9,000t run in winter) and etc...
The global statistic continues with the sum of the season, however, in the next season it starts all over again and in the end it continues adding to the global and so on.
Awards could be a case to be considered, as it could only be something symbolic such as achievements in WoT such as Winter Pass, Spring Pass and etc...

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Re: WoT Season Pass... [Idea/Vote]

#2 Post by Graf_Boinenn » 05 Jan 2021 13:12

I think the idea of having seasons and with that, different new metrics will be great. Right now, for new players it will take FOREVER to be on top of some metrics, but having some kind of "season" with a restart can boost the use of WoTr contracts. Also, maybe offer something for the top 5 or top 10.

Also, with the MP in the future, VTC's a so on. Can be something very interesting.

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Re: WoT Season Pass... [Idea/Vote]

#3 Post by plykkegaard » 05 Jan 2021 13:24

Go.for it 😁
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