Hauling Hope Event

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Re: Hauling Hope Event

#11 Post by Rhythmosaur » 25 Jan 2021 19:34

It would be useful to have a look at your game log txt after you faced this problem. You will find it in your main directory, and in the bugs report section, you find the procedures involved in posting it. This forum gives you all the information you need to locate the file as well. Like my french teacher used to say: "Faites votre devoir...."

Just to be sure:
Il serait utile d'examiner votre "game log.txt" immédiatement après l'apparition du problème. Vous le trouverez dans votre répertoire principal, et dans la section rapport de bugs en haut dans les posts, vous trouverez les procédures à suivre pour le publier. Ce forum vous donne également toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin pour localiser le fichier. Comme le disait mon professeur de français: "Faites votre devoir...." ;-)
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Re: Hauling Hope Event

#12 Post by Madkine » 25 Jan 2021 21:15

@LudoModding Yes but you weren't getting the 'truck is too long' error. My comment related to post immediately above mine and was not relevant in any other context.

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Re: Hauling Hope Event

#13 Post by Micha_UK » 26 Jan 2021 12:18

LudoModding wrote:
24 Jan 2021 20:12
<SNIP...> it would be nice if we could find some, since yesterday it was impossible to find a cargo in the game, even after sleeping several times.
I played last 2 days and always had several deliveries in each city.. often even from the same Company as the one I'd just delivered to! Which kindof ruined the immersion for me. What's the point in shipping vaccines somewhere if they are immediately shipped somewhere else?

Would make more sense (to me) to have a couple of big manufacturing/distribution cities as the sources, then have random destinations which specifically exclude these source cities. Or possibly Manufacture -> everywhere except Manufacture; Distribution -> everywhere except Manufacture & Dist.

Not sure if the game allows for such a setup; maybe a suggestion for future events?

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