AI Car Bug

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AI Car Bug

#1 Post by cizar54 » 17 Nov 2013 09:22

-Graphics sittings are high


Uploaded with
- (!) Accurate location of a problem:
AI CAR BUG ; [17/11/2013 11:20] (sec-0006-0003);-20085.2;32.3396;-8646.66

- Reproducibility:
The Car Suddenly stopped in it's place mid of the crossroads!

- Mods:
No mods
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Re: AI Car Bug

#2 Post by Cadde » 17 Nov 2013 12:19

And the one coming from the left, what was he doing?

Was he blinking his lights to let you pass?

Either way, known bug. Will be fixed (or at least worked on) and you will see it soon™.
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