A more realistic American Truck Simulator

should SCS add used truck dealers,,cb radio talk,trailer buying, and realism in ATS?

some of these
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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#11 Post by jarvik79 » 11 Mar 2016 13:27

Except any poll on this forum is utterly unrepresentative, as it only covers a tiny fraction of players - given that over 250,000 copies have been sold. Lies, damn lies, and statistics.
If the number of votes on the poll got over say 10,000, then that might possibly be start to be true.

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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#12 Post by Rig Runner » 11 Mar 2016 19:04

I would have to disagree with that, how many people who buy and play the game come on the forums and post stuff. And how many of them come into public research? demand can be measured in different ways, such as sales and plays per day. I am sure steam gives them lots of feedback and demographic information.
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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#13 Post by BrianC » 30 Jun 2016 17:29

I am sure SCS wants as much feedback as they can get from all sources.
Although the only truckers who buy trailers are independents and companies. The object of ETS2 and ATS is to build your fleet.
So yes i think we should have the ability to purchase our own trailers, and the cost of painting them and maintaining them just like we do with the trucks.
And used truck dealers as well. How many truck drivers can afford to buy a brand new truck right from the start. In the moving industry most trucks drivers start with has gone thru multiple owners and are in various states of condition. we all know that we can have this and that fixed on our trucks now, so making a truck available in various states of condition would be a simple thing, even if it does not show things like body damage. It can still be simulated in the repair shop.
Another aspect that would be nice, is truck washes. you pull in and choose either tractor wash or tractor/trailer wash. and for refrigerated vans the option to have them washed out, and a cost for these as well.
We maintain our trucks to a point, why not take it all the way. We cannot simulate a dirty truck yet, except in the skin we choose to put on our rigs, but we can still simulate keeping our rigs clean as well.

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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#14 Post by golcan » 01 Jul 2016 04:33

Hi mates,

I've been playing ETS2 for some years, and SCS have included new features in (almost?) every new release.
Some new features are easy to implement. For example, when I said "I want the wind", guess what, next release included the wind, or when I said "I want more challenges", guess what, a lot of new challenges appeared in WOT (now in Steam). The same happened to what other people suggested.
Other features are really complex, and demand a lot of work.
IMHO, saying that SCS don't listen players suggestions is unfair. In fact, they are working on a new scale for maps and other things for ATS, as many people suggested.
IMHO, both ETS2 and ATS *already* include a lot of realism. Obviously, no game is exactly as real life. If we want it "as close as possible" to RL, we have to explain what we want and let SCS work on what they can (and as they can).
Perhaps, we have to be patient and (as we say in my country) don't see only the empty half of the glass, see the full half, too. ;)

Kind regards.

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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#15 Post by plykkegaard » 01 Jul 2016 05:45

Sorry, out of office
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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#16 Post by Axel Slingerland » 01 Jul 2016 08:20

warrior-trucker-1396 wrote:And they should add all 7 american truck makes...
What you're asking for costs a small fortune and will take quite awhile to do. Be patient...
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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#17 Post by HerpyDerpy22 » 21 Aug 2016 09:09

C.P. wrote:It's waaaaay too late to be making any more suggestions for ATS. It's pretty much already settled that ATS is nothing more than ETS2 with different trucks in a different country.

I think any requests for a "more realistic" game will have to wait for ETS3 or ATS2 (if there ever is a plan to make them).

We are only 3/48 possible states into the game, plus expansion into Mexico and Canada. So much can happen by the time this game is completed. Updates and progress is slow due to the parallel building of ETS2, but once the ATS team can branch of in their own direction, focusing on expansions and gameplay improvement that apply only to ATS rather than both ATS and ETS2, that's when the real progress can kick into gear.

Currently, the map is being rescaled, which by itself is a huge task, and the devs have released screenshots of the Volvo VNL, Freightliner Colombia, and a pre-render of the International Lonestar, and those are just a few of the many rigs to come.

I'm sure that if SCS Software is willing to upgrade/expand their game engine for smaller features such as trailer selection, steering wheel positioning, and zooming in the interior camera, there's always the chance in the future we'll be seeing emergency vehicles racing past, Straight truck/tandem combinations in traffic, and Super-Bs hauling *ss up and down the Coquihalla highway in snowfall if we're lucky enough.

And of course this stuff takes forever, because there's only like 4 or 5 people working on each game at a time.

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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#18 Post by TruckSimChris » 21 Aug 2016 09:18


You do realize I wrote that ONE YEAR AGO, right? :lol: :lol:

I'm aware of everything you wrote, and I do appreciate SCS's steps towards making ATS better. ;)

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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#19 Post by HerpyDerpy22 » 21 Aug 2016 09:26

Oops my bad :oops:

I tend not to notice or pay attention to the time stamps :P :lol:

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Re: A more realistic American Truck Simulator

#20 Post by Rayman1230 » 22 Aug 2016 00:48

Oh look its this thread again!

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