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Truck Simulator for mobile devices - free-to-play online game

Posted: 09 Oct 2017 21:07
by enyk
Hello dear scs team,
I think you should make a simulator of truck driving for mobile devices, but what frustrates in analogues is controls. For the mobile version is enough acceleration, brakes and moving between the lines.
Add an element of racing and exploring the open world, improving the driver's skills, buying licenses for different truck classes and you will make free-to-play online game.

Here's how I see this game (Vision):
Trucks classes:
Truck classes age different. Player must gain enough experience to drive different truck classes. More experience (player level) – more classes he can drive. At the start of the game player can drive only trucks from basic class.
Player can buy a license for earned experience AND money.
  • Basic class
  • Long trucks
  • Dangerous cargo trucks
  • Oversize cargo trucks
  • Road trains

Truck upgrades
The truck can be supplemented with additional equipment or improved with other details. As well as you can buy another truck better, but more expensive.
  • chassis
  • engine - power, efficiency
  • cabin
  • gasoline tank
  • tires
  • trailer
  • color \ drawings of truck and trailer
  • heater
  • wheel chains
  • etc.
Goal of the game:
Open all locations on the map
Get all driving licenses, drive different trucks
Participate and win in all races (achievements)

Online-time enough for normal progress: 2 – 3 hrs/day.
Online game time limitation - driver fatigue, vehicle wear (could be increased by driver skills).

Sell goods and services:
  • Premium account - get 150% driving experience
  • Game money
  • Premium trucks
  • Unique colors, decals for the truck and trailer

What do you think?

Kind Regards,

Re: Truck Simulator for mobile devices - free-to-play online game

Posted: 15 Oct 2017 20:13
by Lieng
The problem I notice is that a game like this would begin to slide over into the arcade genre. SCS focuses on simulators, and we don't even have their games on any console platform, so why would they use time and energy on what would be a very simplified and arcade-like version of their existing PC simulators? They're a small team and I believe they need to focus all their resources on their two already existing games. Remember, they've already (sort of) put their coach simulator on the shelf.

That's my opinion, anyway.

Re: Truck Simulator for mobile devices - free-to-play online game

Posted: 02 Nov 2017 06:01
by gesdigo
I think this is the good idea of playing game. The features of the game is interesting and you have explained it very well. All the best to develop this.

Re: Truck Simulator for mobile devices - free-to-play online game

Posted: 23 Dec 2017 10:07
by Solo_Kamen
There are already some truck simulators avaiable on Android... and their quality is horrible.