Chinese Truck Simulator

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Re: Chinese Truck Simulator

#11 Post by Some newbie driver » 01 Jan 2020 11:29

Those "umad" images about a Chinese road interchanges look like a bowl of Chinese noodles that has fallen to the ground. :lol:

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Re: Chinese Truck Simulator

#12 Post by PerrydPelle » 01 Jan 2020 15:30

I don’t see the reason why no street view is a problem, they also managed Germany and Austria (Yes, I know, Austria doesn’t look good, but that’s because it was made in 2012 iirc) As for political problems, they have a official Kosovo research topic, so I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t build China because of politics. The real problem is that ETS2 and ATS are taking up much time.
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Re: Chinese Truck Simulator

#13 Post by angrybirdseller » 01 Jan 2020 15:54

Brazil be next best option for truck sim than Australia as there enough accurate street view imagery. There is data available along with private parties to give you accurate information about the country your building. I can see one based in Brazil or Australia someday, but China is out of question

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Re: Chinese Truck Simulator

#14 Post by Jbte » 01 Jan 2020 20:12

Due to political reasons honestly I don't see a Chinese truck simulator ever, mostly because in reality Chinese players using "Western" platforms are scarsed to non-existent. Despite SCS needs to be careful and gain special permits from CCP to approval the game for sale to it's citizens and they would look at the game map is it's properly potraited, ex. Taiwan, south china sea, certain zones in the Himalays as Chinese territory, not include strategy places etc, also it would be difficult to map, due there's not enough information, photos, street view for references due Chinese government policies.

Honestly I see an Indian truck simulator, south Asia, feasible than mainland China.

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Re: Chinese Truck Simulator

#15 Post by cowboys22 » 04 Jan 2020 12:52

Well, Chinese trick simulator would be the best idea ever. I would even buy it on pre release, no joke.

China has amazingly good roads and I really don't care too much about politics, so I don't even know what's the deal with China. Everyone is always talking about China for a reason? I don't know.

I don't know if China did something wrong or anything for anyone to be thrilling about it, but I'm looking for its amazing scenery and landscape. Not to underrate the US or Europe, but I think China is way more interesting than them.

Bigger, more beautiful, nicer people, nicer places, thrilling experiences...

I can tell this because I'm French but I lived in Shanghai from 2015-2018. Unfortunately, had to be back in Paris because it was temporary. Looking to go back there asap. Hopefully permanently.

Having a truck sim there would be amazing.

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Re: Chinese Truck Simulator

#16 Post by dsf.fernando » 18 Jan 2020 21:31

The map of China also presents a serious problem with cities density: a lot of big cities in the East while the West is sparsely populated in comparison
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Re: Chinese Truck Simulator

#17 Post by zuzuzaza » 10 Aug 2020 08:12

Cranlet wrote:
01 Jan 2020 07:46
Asian truck sim with places like Japan, Taiwan, and Korea would be neat, but I think China is a long shot, even with mods. Unless something weird happens and China gets a whole lot more open and liberal and the country gets mapped accurately with a Street View-like service. I know a few Chinese map sites have psuedo-street view, but heavily censored and not entirely accurate.
I agreed Asian Trucks Sim would be better and has far more market value than just china

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