[PR] Where does SCS stand?

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Re: [PR] Where does SCS stand?

#11 Post by abasstreppas » 11 Oct 2019 14:22

@derLPMaxe Most people know what freedom of speach are and what it means to use it in a responsible way, but there are some people that uses internet only to spread hatered and peronal attacks.

There are actual similarities in the real world among football fans, or among gathering protesters and other situations, where a majority behave but a small group don't. This little group uses the majority to hide among them and therefore manage to escape responsability for their actions. This little group doen't give a damn about the football match or what the protest is about, they just have their own aganda.

It's the same on internet, those people behave like that just because they can. They don't give a slightest effort to have a intellectual discussinon, and as we all know it is very easy to hide from responsabilty on internet ;)

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Re: [PR] Where does SCS stand?

#12 Post by derLPMaxe » 11 Oct 2019 14:50

I agree on the current situation. It is definitely a debate on principles whether or not the majority's freedoms should be curtailed for preventing socially unacceptable behaviour of the minority.

Question: Are we having a discussion now or would taking this further and deeper be unwelcome as such a discussion might be considered alien in nature to this forum?
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