African Truck Simulator

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Re: African Truck Simulator

#31 Post by matt1982 » 24 Jan 2021 13:12

Scs could put a type of workshop in our garage were we craft our own trucks from scrap to make our own vehicle s could be quite fun actually and we make enough cash go to a dealership and buy a proper truck
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Re: African Truck Simulator

#32 Post by » 25 Jan 2021 18:44

I couldn't answer your question more objectively. I realize that the African continent is like any other; there are mainly European brand truck dealerships, but it is also possible to view American (and perhaps even Australian) trucks in many countries. It is probably related to the type of colonial country that a given African country has greater contact with or cultural ties with (eg greater number of European trucks in Morocco, American or Australian trucks in South Africa). I personally believe that your idea doesn't make much sense for a truck simulator game for Africa. But it is a suggestion.

Perhaps what would be possible is SCS Software to do:
Truck engine can be interactive. So this functionality would be available only when we were in the workshop of our cargo depots, or more specifically also in the mechanic workshops.

I believe that this would be possible then to put all the parts of the engine, as it exists in some simulation games of mechanic workshop and you could replace some parts some components that would have a useful life. Parts would have a wear and tear effect, and this I believe could be an innovation when creating the Africa Truck Simulator app.

It would even be possible to permit the licensing of truck parts companies such as "Bosch" for example, which occurs to me now in my head, it would be very interesting.
there could be DLC's for truck parts.

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